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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Guild Wars 2 Writer Fired Over being a complete idiot on twitter, Gaming "press" defends her xD

Aura7541 said:
Here's Deroir's (the person who Jessica Price lashed out against) side of the story for those who are interested. It starts at around the 4:00 mark.

Watched from 3m to 14m+......

Yeah he seems nice enough,... also a dane :)

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I'm all for anyone having their opinion openly on the internet without worrying about loosing their job but I was thinking more like having controversial political beliefs but personal attacks on fans, calling out sexism where there is none or celebrating someones death... I'd might fire her too

Deserved firing.

Raven722 said:
Stefan.De.Machtige said:
It looks like the company wanted her gone anyway and took this as a good enough reason to do it. The tweets are dumb, mean-spirited and pointless but likely not enough to fire someone over.

Some comments in the Eurogamer article about this mentioned that she was a bit of a bitch at conventions too. A few people shared your sentiment. That ArenaNet already wasn't pleased with her and wanted her gone. Pete Fries was unfortunate collateral damage. Though I will say this, if you've been with a company for almost 13 years you should probably know better than to pick that hill to die on for someone who hadn't even been with the company for two years. She was openly insulting not only the community but a YouTube partner as well. Publicly defending her actions means you condoned her language towards their customers and partners. Leave that to the head of a company to decide to do. You stuck your ass in that fire and got burned.

It's likely that Pete Fries was connected to the negative feelings regarding her in the company itself. It would not be surprising that an online ally would also have been an ally in the company itself. In any case, she brought it on herself.

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Aside from this most recent event, and her mocking the recently deceased, she seems so lovely. I can't imagine there being any turmoil at the workplace that would further galvanize the decision to terminate her.

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She should have been sacked for the Totalbiscuit comment; my guess is that it put her on final warning. However much she loathed TB she should have had enough empathy to remember that she was likely to upset many people who loved or liked him, including his widow, his stepson, his parents, many industry onlookers with large followings and thousands of ordinary fans.

jason1637 said:
Raven722 said:

As stated above by myself and others, nothing TB did was worth being happy he was dead. Certainly not publicly showing it. The worst thing he ever did was tell someone to go die of cancer quite a few years ago because they were trolling him. Which he apologized for many times over. He was accused of supporting harassment, and some tried to say he organized it, but that was because he supported people and ideas that went against left-leaning ideals in the gaming industry. Not because he ACTUALLY did any of those things or encouraged them. Osama bin Laden lead an actual terrorist organization that killed thousands of innocent people. Someone like that, yeah. Mock their death. Mocking the death of someone who didn't agree with man-hating garbage? Not so much.

I have quite a few family members that died from cancer and wishing that upon somebody is such a piece of shit thing to do. He probably apologized because he got called out on it. Shitty peoplw like him are better of dead.

Alrighty Jason. We get you don't like him and that's perfectly fine. But can we please refrain from this type of talk now please? Thank you. 

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In this day and age, there is no way she'd get fired without really solid grounds, there's likely a lot more to this than we know. I'm surprised she hasn't accused her former employer of sexism as well, the fact that she hasn't probably says a lot. Like someone else mentioned; it could be that the company have been wanting to sack her for some time, which woudn't be shocking if she anywhere near the same attitude in the workplace. Snarky, entitled colleagues are not fun to work with at all.

I'm posting my thoughts online for everyone to see, on a place that easily allows for people to reply and share their thoughts, where its actually the purpose. How dare you fucking reply to me.

What an asshat. I don't agree with firing her and the idiot who defended her "she didn't ask for his feedback", dude it's a public social media post, the essence of that is other people replying. But it does feel that for her, this was the straw that broke the camels back, seriously celebrating the death of a YouTube personality? That's just fucked up. And maybe the company had enough of her antics.

These firings were totally justified.

She shared an opinion on twitter, in a public forum but does not admit disagreement. Game design isn't a science, it isn't a closed book. It isn't factual. People can disagree. Specialists are entitled to think they know more and they do, but they are not entitled to be vile towards other people because of that.

Jessica got exactly what she deserved for the damage she was doing to the company's image. Fries was extremely unenlightened when he chose to go to her defense. What she did was undefensable and by taking her side on something she had no right to do, he sealed his own fate. His was honestly stupidity, but she is a vile human being in my eyes and i never knew she was a GW2 dev but i sure am glad she is no longer around to poison that great group of people.

Mike O'brian had no choice but to let them go and i can only hope that not all devs think the way she does and loathe their own fan base that admires them and their work. What a pitiful person. I can't bring myself to feel sorry for her for one nanosecond.

After all this she has been pushing her biased side of the story into the mainstream media. But anyone can see that she was massively in the wrong if they really investigate what happened. She hasn't shown an iota of regret for what she has done.

There's some sorry narratives going around that this empowers communities to get people fired. That couldn't be any falser. These two people got fired because they abused and villainized their own fanbase for committing the sin of politely wanting to discuss the topic she brought up in a public forum.

Justice couldn't have been better served.

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