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Forums - Sales Discussion - Pokemon Let’s Go VS Super Smash Ultimate - Which will sell more?

Which will sell more in 2018 and LT?

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My gut tells me Pokemon

Smash. Pokemon games are becoming more annual, thus cutting their legs. Let's go will sell 15 million fairly quickly, but smash will push on past 20 million through its lifetime

If it were a traditional core Pokemon game, I'd say Pokemon without a doubt, but let's go is hard to predict. It might alienate some players, but it has the potential to bring in a lot of newcomers. I could see smash doing 15 million+, Pokemon anywhere from 10-20 million.

Short term, Pokemon. Long term, Smash especially as there's a big Pokemon game reportedly next year

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Smash Bros by far. I don't even see Pokémon getting the usual 16 million, not with the next big Pokémon game already coming next year.

Smash, because I hate Pokémon Let's Go.



I'd say Smash bros in 2018 and for sure LT

I think Pokemon Let's Go will sell less then the typical Pokemon game (16m), I expect Smash to sell 12-14m...

I'm going to go with Smash.

The idea of Pokemon Let's Go selling more than Smash makes me lose some faith in humanity...

I'm hoping Smash sells more, with Let's Go not selling as much as it would do in normal circumstances, due to the next main game coming out next year.