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Forums - Website Topics - [STAFF Announcement] - New Moderators June 2018

We had a decent amount of Mod Applications this go around, so we decided to split up our hires between two different months (May/June). Of those who applied, there were also quite a few that were very strong.  

We used a multi-stage evaluation process, beginning with the Head Mods, but ultimately involving the entire Team. I am excited to announce our new additions to The Mod Team:





Please join me in congratulating these fine individuals on their addition to the team!  These new additions will help us continue in this new era of outreach, community building, and most important, accountability within The Mod Team.   


Your Head Moderators - CGI-Quality, Miguel_Zorro, and Ryuu96 - and The Rest Of The Mod Team

  • Angelus
  • Aura7541
  • axumblade
  • Bristow9091
  • Carl
  • cycycychris
  • Pemalite
  • the-pi-guy
  • PwerlvlAmy
  • RavenXtra
  • Super_Boom
  • think-man
  • trasharmdsister12


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Congrats new mods and welcome to the team!

Last edited by deskpro2k3 - on 23 June 2018

It's the Beebo, isn't it?

AngryLittleAlchemist said:
It's the Beebo, isn't it?

It's always the beebo.

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Glad to join the team and help continue to make VGC the best place for video game discussion. Exciting times are ahead.

Last edited by cycycychris - on 23 June 2018


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The Discordinati grows once more.

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Congratulation Chris and Amy.


Azuren said:
The Discordinati grows once more.

Time to free the forums from the clutches of that place!

Acevil said:
Congratulation Chris and Amy.

thank you o/

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