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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Switch owners; thoughts on Starlink Battle of Atlas?

One of the few actual surprises to come from this E3 for Switch was Starfox and the Arwing featuring in the Switch version of Ubisoft's Starlink: Battle for Atlas.

For those of you who have a Switch, any interest in this one?

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I hear Arwing, I'm interested.

Wouldn't have even heard about it if not for my boy.

Tried checking it out, couldn't bother to watch much. I guess it might be a decent game, but it's so hard to be interested in it... my 5-second reaction was "this kinda looks like No Man's Sky", and that was bad enough, then everyone's talking about it overusing toys and at that point I just don't care. I'm not buying a game I'm not interested in just because Fox makes a cameo in it, my Star Fox itch hasn't gotten that desperate yet.

idk, I feel like they're trying to use the Star Fox guest appearance to disguise the fact that the game is just a generic space shooter game with Toys to Life integration.

I saw many people who didn't care about this game at all last year, nor while they were talking about it this year, but as soon as they showed Fox, those same people were like "take my money" from my perspective, so meh.

Hey, maybe the game will be better than I expect, but as of now, I couldn't care less.

The gameplay was definitely decent and I'll have some good spare time before Pokémon comes in so, I'll definitely give it a shot + it has Star Fox !

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Need to see more, first.

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Art Direction > Realism

Couldnt care less about adding Star Fox & Arwing, I was intrigued when they showed it last year at E3.

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Never been a starfox person. I think only played the 64 version a few times with friends, so he doesn't really do anythign for me.

I did enjoy greatly the rogue squadron games on the gamecube though, so if this ends up being some good space game I might look at it.

Still using toys, so I still don't care.

Lonely_Dolphin said:
Still using toys, so I still don't care.                             

Though, you can play the game without buying the toys, so your point is ?

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