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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Activision strikes again: locking BO4 DLC behind season pass and BO3 DLC behind BO4 digital pre-orders FOR PS4 ONLY!

The Blops remastered maps for Blops 3 are probably just timed exclusive to PS4 like other map pack DLC.

And I’m sure outside of preorders you’ll be able to buy map packs.

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Gamers allow them to get away with it so kudos to them for milking it as much as they can.

I hope Fornite success keeps on long enough so that it can fuck with BO 3.5 sales until the dawn of days !

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Why are people still buying COD?!

There is absolutely zero chance that the only way to get maps is to preorder digital. That just doesn't make sense. They would be shutting 90% of the possible buyers out of the market.

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So, this year, if you want to play a good shooter, just skip CoD and BFV. RDR2 save us.

Pemalite said:
Even more reasons not to buy this.

It's funny to me, because Acti spent marketing money on advertising the PC version, claiming how they won't screw up the port, and then we get this news.

Great way to piss away that trust so soon.

We will see if it hurts them.

well until they release the next cod next year and they become a DLC pack.

Advertised as: We are bringing back these "Fan Favorite" maps for you to enjoy Again!

Well normally I would be giving one hell of a stinkface, but since I am passing this year, it just reinforces that decision.


Fei-Hung said:
Why are people still buying COD?!

Cuz i like it, as simple as that. I didnt play Infinite Warfare and WW2 because they were trash in my opinion, but im hyped af for Black Ops 4. And no Cod isnt the same every year, otherwise i would have played  Infinite Warfare/WW2, if every game would be like MW3, Bo2, Bo3, then Hell yeah i would buy it every year, but it isnt. 

Black Ops 4 looks like a mix of BO2/BO3 which is freaking awesome and on top we get a Battle Royale mode, even better. Would it have been better if Maps would have been free like most other games now a days!? Yes, but for me it isnt that big of a deal, i mean its only 30 Euro more if i buy the Digital Deluxe Edition and for me thats worth it.