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Fei-Hung said:
Why are people still buying COD?!

Cuz i like it, as simple as that. I didnt play Infinite Warfare and WW2 because they were trash in my opinion, but im hyped af for Black Ops 4. And no Cod isnt the same every year, otherwise i would have played  Infinite Warfare/WW2, if every game would be like MW3, Bo2, Bo3, then Hell yeah i would buy it every year, but it isnt. 

Black Ops 4 looks like a mix of BO2/BO3 which is freaking awesome and on top we get a Battle Royale mode, even better. Would it have been better if Maps would have been free like most other games now a days!? Yes, but for me it isnt that big of a deal, i mean its only 30 Euro more if i buy the Digital Deluxe Edition and for me thats worth it.