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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Anyone else slightly disappointed?


How would you rate how the year's shaping up so far?

Looks to be one of the best years in gaming. 10 14.29%
Solid year, several highl... 32 45.71%
Disappointing, some moder... 23 32.86%
Pure garbage, one of the ... 3 4.29%
Ok year, greatly anticipa... 2 2.86%

I’m disappointed every year when they don’t announce a new shining force or a port of shining force 3... but I’ll get over it...

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The games for the rest of the year? Definitely not disappointed.

The quality of the E3 presentations? Yeah, a bit disappointed. Other than Microsoft, most companies focused on games we already knew about, and I usually tune in for the new game announcements. There were just considerably less this year.

I'm not disappointed at all, there are a ton of incoming games that I'm interested in, both in 2018 and in 2019, more than I can even play. This was one of my favorite E3's ever overall, though it definitely would have been better if Sony, Square, and Nintendo didn't just phone it in.


-The Crew 2
-Shadow of the Tomb Raider
-Shenmue 1 and 2 Remaster
-Code Vein
-Forza Horizon 4
-Assassin's Creed Odyssey
-Senran Kagura Burst Renewal
-Soul Calibur 6
-Valkyria Chronicles 4
-Red Dead Redemption 2
-Pokemon Let's Go
-Fallout 76
-Just Cause 4
-Smash Bros Ultimate
-Team Sonic Racing
-Tales of Vesperia Remaster

-Kingdom Hearts 3
-Crackdown 3
-Metro Exodus
-Dead or Alive 6
-Rage 2
-Fire Emblem Three Houses
-Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice
-Wolfenstein Youngbloods
-Skull & Bones
-Pokemon Gen 8
-Ori and the Will of the Wisps
-Ghost of Tsushuima (likely)
-Cyberpunk 2077 (likely)
-Borderlands 3 (likely)
-Halo Infinite (possibly)
-Starfield (possibly)

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If you own a Switch and Xbox one.... between all the new release, indie games, all the game available on Xbox gamepass and backward compatible game, you either have way to much time to play and should be grateful that your so lucky or you need to expand your horizon and try new games.

For the most part you only listed AAA games you bought last year go play some indie games.

I'm getting a lot of games the next few weeks: Crash, Octopath, and Dark Souls. I'm excited for Mario Party, DBFZ, and Smash. Might get some indie games in between. I'm pretty fine.

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Considering how careful I have to be in spending on games, I’m pretty overwhelmed.
There are still games I bought recently and haven’t played yet.
The upcoming games for this year is more than enough for me personally, especially since I don’t game as much (2-5 hours a week maybe).

For me:
- Smash Bros. Ultimate
- Pokemon Let’s Go
- Mario Tennis Aces
- Octopath Traveler
- Crash Trilogy (Switch version)
- Dark Souls (Switch version)
- Code of Princess EX
- Soul Calibur VI
- Spider-Man
- Mega Man 11 (Switch version)
- Xenoblade Chronicles 2 DLC
- Splatoon 2 Octo Expansion

To me, that’s a lot already for the rest of this year. I know some have crazy incomes so they can poo poo all they want. But for me, 2018 is pretty stacked and 2019 will be even more stacked with FE Three Houses, TLOU2, Pokemon, Yoshi, Kingdom Hearts 3 (haven’t even caught up yet), Daemon x Machina, etc.

Games I was most excited for going into E3:
Final Fantasy 7 Remake - Nothing, nada, zilch
Last of Us 2 - no release date given, and somehow slightly less excited than I was before, possibly due to lack of Joel/Ellie working together
Cyberpunk - Wasn't thrilled with the trailer - no gameplay - no release date
Death Stranding - Trailer and Gameplay met expectations, but no release date given
RDR2 - Not really involved

I'm not a Smash guy, so pretty much nothing in Nintendo's show excited me, maybe the Xenoblade Chronicles DLC?

Microsofts show wasn't bad, but I had already tired of Gears. Maybe the new Halo? Ori 2 could be good.
The new From Software game was a letdown for me, as Im a huge SoulsBourne fan.

New reveal I was probably most excited for overall? Control from Remedy games. Though I'd have preferred Alan Wake 2. There was almost nothing else in the show that I was really excited for.

Still have lots of stuff to play, though, I guess.

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I'd like to mention that, while I figured most would disagree with me, I'm surprised at how respectful everyone's been with these dissenting opinions. Thanks.

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First - Would've been nice if you could put at least a more "neutral" option in pool,plz ?

Cuz I definitely and personally don't feel the same intensity or sheer number/quality of games we got last year (or course, I main a Switch/3DS so it goes with it) in comparaison with this year. Though it doesn't seem I have nothing foward to look at :

Octopath Traveler, Mario Tennis Aces, Starlink x StarFox, Shovel Knight last campaign expansion, Xenoblade 2 : Torna the Golden City, Smash Bros Ultimate, Monster Boy: The Cursed Kingdom and whatever will taunt me enough, all that will make it another great year of gaming for myself.

But I still get the feeling that a lot of what was shown at this E3 was more a setup to the upcoming 2019 or next gen, which let me down a bit and also get me excited like crazy at the same time with stuff like :

Fire Emblem, Metroid Prime 3, Daemon x Machina, Yoshi, Bayonetta 3, Shin Megami Tensei V ... any upcoming stuff that'll be announced during this year and the next.

So, mixed bag but can always look foward to something good/great and fresh ^^

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If it weren't for Microsoft, this would be the worst E3 I've ever seen and I've been paying attention to them since probably 2000.