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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Official EA Play 2018 E3 Thread. Rate the show.


Rate The Show Out of 10.

10 2 2.22%
9 0 0%
8 0 0%
7 5 5.56%
6 6 6.67%
5 9 10.00%
4 11 12.22%
3 13 14.44%
2 20 22.22%
1 24 26.67%

I am conflicted if i want a Star Wars-announcement or not. Star Wars is not in a good place right now after the Battlefront 2-controversy and the absolute failure of Solo, and i don't have any faith that EA is capable to restore any goodwill to the franchise.

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Lol kaz hirai:

Mixer also a good place to catch it on.

1 Minute gus!E3 officially begins!

My (locked) thread about how difficulty should be a decision for the developers, not the gamers.

They are starting with Battlefield and ending with Anthem.

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They are showing campaign tomorrow at Xbox show. Battle Royale also confirmed.

Champions League theme is the hypest thing on the planet.


Battlefield V Battle Royale map is pretty, love the northern lights in the sky, looks better than PUBG or Fortnite graphically of course. Battle Royale isn't my thing though.

I'm ready for the FIFA Battle Royale mode.


Why is there no battle royale for fifa?