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Which one is your choice?

Choice 1 1 2.33%
Choice 2 1 2.33%
Choice 3 13 30.23%
Choice 4 2 4.65%
Choice 5 5 11.63%
Choice 6 21 48.84%
VGPolyglot said:
Well, I know nothing of their personalities just by looking at the pics, but maybe this is a test to see if people would make a decision based merely on looks.

Part of the personality is conveyed through appearance (style) and expressions. Can't say any of them are leaving good impressions based on what I'm looking at lol. To say nothing of their age.

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Out of those choices? None. #6 if you put a gun to my head.

It should be which one of these 'girls' gives you nightmares.

Like someone else said above, choice #6 would probably protect you through a dangerous dark forest and speak the tongue of the wolves.

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Choice 6 since she looks to take her work with her.

1 - 3 are cute, but not my thing.

4 Looks like a dude, which I am down with, but this one ain't doing it for me.

5 is my pick. Pending age verification, I would be all about that, real, trans, or cross dresser.

6 looks alright. I'm sure it's not the best picture of her, but regaurdless, she just wouldn't catch my eye.

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If i had to choose one, #6. The other ones are way too young looking.

Choice 7, none of the above.

umm... is #4 a dude?

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Oh here we go again. I really don't get the whole "maid" thing. It's weird to me.

1 or 6, they're the least terrifying.

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Eh I'm generally more attracted to women who look like, you know... adults :p

Perhaps with a few less accessories as well. A tank top and jeans works quite well.