Forums - General Discussion - Which of these girls you'd Date?

Which one is your choice?

Choice 1 1 2.33%
Choice 2 1 2.33%
Choice 3 13 30.23%
Choice 4 2 4.65%
Choice 5 5 11.63%
Choice 6 21 48.84%

3rd or 6th, all the others look either too young or disturbing or both.

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None of them. Can't you post a non-weeb/junkie? you know, a normal girl.

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Setting aside the fact that I'm married and have a child...

I'm going to be 30 years old this year, so most of the girls look too young for me to "date", What's with the anime theme going on here, is that what you are into, OP? The last girl is the only one that seems legit; the rest of them look like they have some odd hobbies. I have my doubts about #4; that is singlehandedly the most fear-boner inducing thing the likes of which the world has ever seen. Also, cocks.

dx11332sega said:

If anyone wants to know where I found 5 on facebook heres the link to her facebook page 


Click on here photos section

Profile says she is 17, so great now i'm a creep. Unless that is just some character she is playing

Nothing to see here, move along

Is this thread like jailbait? >_>

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The first 5 look like dudes.

Obviously 6.

6 is the only one that looks like a natural-born chick out of all of these. She also happens to be the only one who looks like an adult, so I'd go with her given the choice.

Maybe 1. Unless it's also a trap like most of these :thinking:

Choice 2 and 3 seem to be the same girl... But I choose 2.

Anyway I'm glad few people (No one so far) picked girl 2 cause I can call dibs and say she's mine mine MINE! Everybody hands off, she's mine I say!

Also OP what is your point? Why do you ask us to choose one of those girls?

The 3rd looks by far the best and I don't get why she is not winning the poll.

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