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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Will the Switch Dominate The Holiday Season?


Will the Switch Dominate The Holiday Season?

Yes 69 50.74%
No, Sony will 42 30.88%
No, Microsoft will 5 3.68%
Not sure 20 14.71%
jardesonbarbosa said:
No. PS4 will. Switch will miss the big holiday titles. But we can all fool ourselves and pretend it will.

Smash and Pokémon are pretty big holiday titles

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That Pokemon game looks like could sell a lot.

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quickrick said:
i think pokemon go wont be a huge success, it looks real stupid and impressions have been negative. it will do the same as last year.

Pokemon Go has already been a huge success.

Let's Go Pokemon which I assume is the game you are referring to seems to be enjoying positive reactions (the about 90% Youtube approval combined with over 3 million views in less than 24 hours should be an indicator of that), and just because you say it is "real stupid" does not make it that for other people.

With that being said, I am not sure how Let's Go Pokemon and will do sales wise (I am being conservative about it right now, due to it being somewhat of a spin-off but still one that is closest to the core games compared to previous spin-offs, I also think its legs will be shorter as the 2019 Pokemon will steal its thunder; so right now I am thinking about 5-7 million combined units for this Let's Go release). As for Switch, I am not sure that Smash + Pokemon + previous ever greens and support titles will be enough to carry it 20 million or even meet the same results as last year (right now I am projecting that their sales will be somewhat below last year). However, my views are not final as their E3 lineup (and more specifically the strength of the exclusives, namely first-party/second-party ones, that have yet to be announced for the year) will play a major role in those numbers and potential price adjustments might change things as well. But as of now I think the second year will be slightly lower than first year by the end of the holidays.

Nintendo will dominate the US and Japan for sure. I don't think they can take europe though. But it might just be enough to come out on top worldwide. So yeah, all in all, even if Nintendo gets the most sales, I wouldn't call them dominating or anything. But whatever.

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I don't think any of the consoles will dominate the holiday season. I think it'll be a fairly close race between the Switch and the PS4, largely depending on big game releases and deals/price cuts for the hardware.

Could sell more in US, but worldwide it probably wont.

If Sony and Microsoft just keep pace with the previous years, probably. But we do not know what strategy or what software and hardware may come by surprise.
I found the advertisement and why not the creation of pokemon go switch mean that an anticipation to something.

No, it's bound to hit that cliff any day now.

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Teriol said:
quickrick said:
i think pokemon go wont be a huge success, it looks real stupid and impressions have been negative. it will do the same as last year.

Thanks god you are always wrong, your bias blind you all the time.

Funny thing i'm mostly always right.  mainline pokemon didn't propel 3ds into  new heights, i'm not sure why a spin off is suppose to take switch into 20 millions sales.