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About a year and a half ago, I decided to finally buy my first smartphone after avoiding it for years. My old phone still had a keyboard so I had no problems texting and it lasted about at least a week per charge (could last 10 days). I bought the iPhone 7 plus which had just released and have regretted it ever since. First of all I don’t dislike apple. I owned a 12" macbook and 10.5" ipad pro, and only sold them for 12.9" ipad pro and to curb the cost of an imac pro. I also own acessories like the apple pencil and three pairs of airpods (one broke). Now back to the reason I despise the smartphone. I am still paying $100/month between data and the phone’s remaining balance for nothing in return. I literally get no use out of it because it’s an inferior ipad in every way. Even if I had no iPad, the idea of watching video or web surfing on such a tiny screen is comical to me. It runs out of battery every couple days even still at 94% original capacity and background refresh off. There are apps I want to delete, but can’t and I have no use for them. I will never see worth in this device or any iPhone because they sit in a wierd spot without any use. All hype and zero productivity. I just want a phone for calls/text. The only benefit is I now have a decent GPS at all times, but I rarely need a GPS and even then I already had a GPS standalone that I would pull out for such occassions. So I wasted my money and this phone also wastes my time with its poor battery and more complex os.

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Couldn't live without mine. It's fantastic. Sorry they let you down.

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John2290 said:
d21lewis said:
Couldn't live without mine. It's fantastic. Sorry they let you down.

You are a beacon of sanity in these forumns sometimes. *fist bump*.

*fist bump*

Twitter: @d21lewis

I got rid of my not yet smart phone 10 years ago, have never missed it. My wife uses hers all the time though. I only touch it when it's unresponsive again, apple crap.

I miss my dumb phone. It was small and tough and didn't wear holes in my pocket. I didn't have to worry about it at all.

Seriously, I could go back without a problem. Smartphones are kind of a pain to manage. It's like they make people plan their lives around them. They're parasitic.

What would I miss? I can't really think of anything. One thing I learned in particular is that I have zero desire to play games on a tiny screen with touch controls. The primary reason I got one is that more and more employers and businesses require them.

Ah, I know. The main thing I use my smartphone for now is when I want to look occupied.

On a serious note, they're having a terrible impact on work environments. Managers and supervisors complain about them constantly and I've seen people written up for spending more time on their phone than doing their job.

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those damn millennials with those damn smart phones.... i remember the good old days when people would write a nice letter and mail it in the post office. then wait a week for it to arrive the destination and another one to hopefully get a reply....

ahhh those good old days...

Hey kids! Get off my lawn already!

Perfect timing for this thread. I’ve been going through a change lately and realize i don’t need a smartphone. Facebook and other stuff I don’t care for at all. I used to be one of the millions of other cell phone zombies around the world who are always on their phones.

So I’ve made the decision to give my iPhone X to my wife and I’m going back to a good old fashioned flip phone. I can make calls if need be or text. That’s all I need. And I’ll save a fortune at that. Guess this is me getting old. *shrugs* Oh well. 

Honestly... it looks like you just bought a bad smartphone. Some of these issues like HD space, lags and crashes, etc. are all common issues of low/mid end smartphones.

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LipeJJ said:
Honestly... it looks like you just bought a bad smartphone. Some of these issues like HD space, lags and crashes, etc. are all common issues of low/mid end smartphones.

They'll be issues of high end smartphones in 2/3 years, too.

I agree with OP on this. Updates (of any kind) on smartphones are toxic as fuck.

I love my smartphones, actually just recently upgraded to an Xperia XZ2 which is such a great phone, lol... I remember my first actual mobile phone though, it was an old Motorola that still had an aerial, lol. Then I upgraded to a Nokia 3210, which at the time was like the best thing ever, you could create your own ringtones! But yeah, I don't think I could ever go back to that, it just wouldn't cut it these days... besides, I'd be out of a job too, lol.

The only thing traditional mobile phones have over smartphones, which is actually a significant difference, is the battery life... fuck, one of my old Nokia's could go over a week without needing a single charge with a lot of usage, whereas for the last, however many years I've had smartphones, I have to charge my phone every other day, lol.