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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Capcom is Clowning Us!


Are you down to clown?

Fat chance! 15 68.18%
I'll probably cave... 1 4.55%
Take my money, Capcom! 6 27.27%
John2290 said:
No company wan't to pay the surpluss and look like overpricing asshats. Nintendos fault for choosing cartridges and now with the hack they're in desperate need of being able to cut their prices before people start jail breaking but they can only cut on the digital side. A mid cycle refresh is needed soon, different chip, different storage options.

The 3DS had carts with up to 8GB capacity and a small rewritable sector making them more expensive than switch carts. All the while the games were 40$ or below. Yet, miraculously it worked out without companies overpricing.

This is a legacy collection. They have literally next to no development costs to cover. This joke is on no one but Capcom.

They clearly want to push people towards digital.

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That's probably a new record for cheapiness.

Damn. Was looking forward to this title too. Oh well.

Nice! A small file size! So there should be less to complain about, right?

What’s weird is that Street Fighter is apparently complete on the cart despite being 4.9GB. Ny guess is that they don’t want to create a new menu

Nothing to see here, move along

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Not gonna buy it, I'm just about done with Capcom on Nintendo platforms. I'll stick to supporting them on PS4 though. But it's like they love giving Nintendo the short stick. Can't even be bothered to use a 4GB card when it's just as financially viable as a Blu Ray.

But even if it weren't for this, I wouldn't buy it. I already have these games and own them like 5 times over.

Capcom is dissapointing me immensly with their treatment of the Switch, and I didn't expect that much to begin with. You'd think that the company that actually talked to Nintendo during the developement of the console would be more smart, but nope.

You know it deserves the GOTY.

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Yeah, why is this considered to be news to anyone? Capcom's treatment of Switch owners can be seen as nothing short of second rate citizens. Just screw them.

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Does this mean that if you buy Megaman Legacy Collection 2 physically in the stores, it comes with a download code in the box?

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I don't know why people get upset by this. This kind of stuff happened on Vita as well.

People know what they are going for when they buy a cartridge based system.

This is a classic collection, it won't be likely to sell alot so Capcom is cutting their risks and increasing their margin. Like... i understand the frustration, but it is the system you chose to buy.