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I have and I would again. I bought basically all of my consoles for just one game. Most of them had other good games after that.

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I don't buy a console for one game. But regardless when FFXIII Versus got announced for PS3, I knew I had to own a PS3.

Can't say I would want to.

When I nabbed the Switch, I also nabbed multiple games on that same day, rather than simply sticking with the one game bundled with it.


Nope, i'd never buy a console for one or 2 games. Hence why i don't own an XBOne.

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I originally got Wii U to play Wind Waker HD, ended up enjoying several more titles on the system after that.

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I've never really done that, because I felt it wasn't a very practical investment.

GBA for Pokemon, it was very worth it tbh. Now while Pokemon is the main reason I buy a Nintendo handheld I have a much more diverse taste of games to back up my purchase on top of that.

I've bought consoles for one game before,released or announced. I got and wanted a ps2 just because I heard about FFX, got a GC just because of Luigi's Mansion. Bought Switch for BOTW.

Mostly though I'll buy a console just because I expect something from it long term. Like PS4, i didnt buy for one game, but i knew sony would be bringing great things to it, so overall long term investment to me was gonna pay off

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Yes. I bought a Wii to play No More Heroes (huge fan of Killer 7). Beat it a few times, then traded in the Wii a few months later.

If you are gonna play the one game long enough that your dollar per hour entertainment investment is something you are ok with, go for it