Seventizz said:

Recently it was announced that H1Z1 will launch exclusively for the ps4.  Initially it was announced as such, but when Sony dropped the dev, they said this title would launch on Xbox as well.  A few months later, it was put on hiatus.  Now it’s back on the ps4 with an Xbox port on hold (or cancelled to counter PUBG potential Xbox exclusively?).  Now here’s my dilemma.  I want to play this game on a console, badly.  But if I bought a ps4, it’d be the only game I’d own, or want to.  I’m in a similar dilemma with the Switch.  I’d only own Mario Odyssey.  I can kinda live with that, but I’m torn with H1Z1.

Have you ever purchased a console for one game, or would you?


BTW, this new site layout is not IPhone friendly.  At least on the SE.

Hasn't H1Z1 "coming to PS4" been in the pipe for a few years now? If you're buying a PS4 for H1Z1 and not all of it's other amazing exclusives, then that'll make me the most bewildered person on this planet....