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I already have a PS4 but I bought a Pro partially because my PS4 sucked ass with a shitty controller that was losing it's touch and also because I wanted extra frames in MHW

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I bought the Xbox One X for PUBG. I tried to justify it by telling myself I was also receiving a 4k blu-ray player. While I waiting for it to release since I preordered the Scorpio edition, I ended up ordering Halo MCC, Halo 5, Ark Survival, ESO (again...have on PS4), Forza 7, and Nascar Heat 2.

Once it released I have added to my library several of the free games with gold, and purchased Elite Dangerous at a special price.

So far it's still PUBG that I'm playing, and now with all the BC I'm enjoying the decision of my purchase even more. I own the physical copies of Jade Empire and Morrowind on the original Xbox, and most of my Xbox 360 games are playable on the One.

Moral of my story...even though I have bought a console for just one game, I end up with a bunch more. The beast that is my "backlog", only continues to eat and grow larger. avoid getting banned for inactivity, I may have to resort to comments that are of a lower overall quality and or beneath my moral standards.

You should never buy a console for just one game. That would be a bit silly in my opinion. But there are many other games that cater to a variety of tastes and are only available on the PS4, so perhaps, after buying the PS4 for just one game, you will then widen your net and pick up other exclusives.


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I bought Switch for Mario Odyessy, and Xbox One X just for Sunset Overdrive. I ended up getting other games to try out, but those were the only games I had to have the console for.

Now I am excited for Donkey Kong Tropical Freeze on Switch, and I am playing Super Lucky's Tale thanks to Game Pass.

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I got a Philips CDi for the three Zelda games...

I got a Switch for Breath of the Wild (I of course got more, but BotW was the sole reason I got it despite having a WiiU)

I got an X1 for Sunset Overdrive.

I got a WiiU for the Zelda remasters.

Got a GBA for the Zelda games.


I got a 3DS for the Zelda remakes and Zelda DS backwards compatibility.

Yeah...I have a problem lol

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Pre-ordered a 3DS for Fire Emblem Awakening... And the game turned out bad. The only games I played on the console after that were a DS game because my sister was using the DS, and a part of Pokemon Sun only because of the hype and the fact that I wanted to see how it evolved since Yellow (the last Pokemon I played). Disappointed about this one too...

Check the rest of the PS4 games, I hope other games would please you. Otherwise, it's not worth it IMO.

My brother and I got a Switch at launch for just one game, Breath of the Wild. And so far we have also ended up getting mariokart 8-D, splatoon 2, and Super Mario Odyssey.

Patiently waiting for Pokemon at the moment.

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I bought the original Xbox for Splinter Cell before it was ported (poorly) over to the other two consoles and didn't end up regretting it. That console was so superior to PS2 and Gamecube when it came to online gaming that it became my main console for a couple years.

I usually buy a console for one game. (of course I end up getting a couple others too)

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Tmfwang said:
Once you have the console, you automagically might get interested in its other titles as well :)

I agree with this. You start to look at the library in a different way once you have access.

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