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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Kimishima retires as President of Nintendo

melbye said:
Kimishima has done a great job leading Nintendo in the last few years, so this was kinda a surprising announcement.

Jack tretton did the same. Sometimes it's good to go out on top after turning things around.

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Seems awfully quick. Wish him the best.

Kind of sad news, he did great for Nintendo

Luke888 said:
TheLegendaryWolf said:
Personally I think Yoshiaki Koizumi would've been a better option, but Shuntaro Furukawa seems qualified enough and having younger blood heading the company is going to be interesting to see in the near future.

I think the initial idea was to have either Koizumi or Takahashi becoming the new president but, looking back at Iwata, they thought it was better to have the first being the company's image (he's in almost every Direct now), the latter leading the software development and a third person as the President who handles the marketing/economical aspects  

I just thought it would've been cool to see a president that can be involved in Nintendo Directs, development, and running the company again like Iwata, but yeah It makes sense as both Koizumi and Takahashi got promoted as well. Furukawa knows English so perhaps he'll be more involved with the gaming audience than Kimishima, who did a decent job steering the ship for the last 3 years.

Age of ASS is over, time for the Age of Chibi Robot !!

Anywoo, I wish him good continuation with his next project (whatever that is ...), he did great to fill the hole created by the passing of Iwata.

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160rmf said:
People are putting too much credit on him, the switch turn around was planned and put in execution before his presidency. He just didn't screwed anything and keep the momentum rolling.

In both politics and business,  not messing up what others have set into place is a underrated talent and skill.

I miss Kimi already.

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Not really sure how much of an influence he had on the Switch, but he seemed like a good guy.

I really hope the fact that this new guy has Pokemon company experience means that Nintendo will invest more heavily in Pokemon in the future. It's time to fund a proper AAA Pokemon game.

He got into this position at a hard time for nintendo. Now things are looking way better, and while not all of that success can be his archievement, the company is at a much better position than when he started. Looks like he did a great job!

Maybe at this age, he thinks that now, where nintendo is back in it's good way, he can rest a bit and let the younger people move on. He is 68, so a retirement - with a bit of advising the new directors - seems to be a good move.