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Forums - General Discussion - At What Age Did You Move Out of Family Home?

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How Old Were You When You Moved Out?

17 or less 5 6.67%
18-19 14 18.67%
20-21 12 16.00%
22-23 9 12.00%
24-25 7 9.33%
26-27 2 2.67%
28-29 4 5.33%
30+ 1 1.33%
Still Live At Home Under 30 17 22.67%
Still Live At Home Over 30 4 5.33%

When did you permanently leave your parents and/or house you grew up in and live independently. University does not count if you moved back home afterwards. Living with a roommate counts. How old were you?

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24.  It was an adjustment at first, but totally worth it in the end.

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What I am now plus 1.

Should be moving out when I'm 23.

20. Still live with my mother and I hope I never go away from her. Life would crush me =( Plus, she's the coolest person I know.

However, and realistically, I'd like to go next year if I can find a decent place that doesn't cost too much.

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I was 21. I also lived away from home for university starting at age 18, but generally moved back home during the summers.

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I haven't moved out completely at 25. My mother rents a house and often needs help with the bills, in return if I need help with a massive deposit that some companies demand, she or other family members help. We also have quite a few vehicles but she owns none of them, recently my car was unable to drive at high speeds so I borrowed my brothers car while she used mine until I could get it fixed.

So what I consider your thread is asking is financial independence. But neither of us are independent, thus I consider us as more roommates than anything, even if I live completely alone for 8 months out of 12 and could easily stay for all 12 out of 12 like my brother did. And all of that is not considering other factors, that I won't get into.

I still live with my parents.

Kinda 18, when I went to college and lived in the dorms, though my permanent address was still with my parents, and I would come back during holidays and summer break.

I moved for real when I was 23, once I got my first full-time job after college. Nothing against my parents...but it was a necessity for me given how remote they were.

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With 21

I still live with my parents at home for the most part, but I'm currently saving up to put a deposit down on a house with my girlfriend, which is hopefully happening later this year after the holiday we have planned, my first time abroad and I'm going to Florida, really excited for it, then when we get back, house hunting gets super serious, hoping to be moved in before the end of the year... it's a bit scary thinking about it, but I'm also excited too.