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Forums - General Discussion - At What Age Did You Move Out of Family Home?

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How Old Were You When You Moved Out?

17 or less 5 6.67%
18-19 14 18.67%
20-21 12 16.00%
22-23 9 12.00%
24-25 7 9.33%
26-27 2 2.67%
28-29 4 5.33%
30+ 1 1.33%
Still Live At Home Under 30 17 22.67%
Still Live At Home Over 30 4 5.33%

17 (I moved out 2 weeks before my 18th birthday)

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13 or 14. I still live with family, just not my parents so I'm going to count it

I was 19 and moved to another city. It was 15 years ago but this year I'm moving back to my birth town. Feels pretty damn great to be able to see my old friends again regularly and my parents can spend more time with their grandsons.

20... which is actually very early where I'm from.

Bristow9091 said:
Nogamez said:
Where are you hoping to buy then? Some parts UK are crazy expensive, i had to go further up north than i wanted.

Honestly, I'm not going any further north than Yorkshire lol, I mean, I already live here anyway, and I'll be looking locally so I'm close to my family anyway lol. The good thing is that there's some pretty decent houses for the price round here, I've seen house prices down south and holy shit they're expensive!

Ahh ok im from N.yorkshire too 😁

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26 after i finished uni and moved interstate.



23 when I left for university, though by that point I had already been working for a few years as a school assistant and a substitute teacher.

18, when I left for university in another city. I still went home for the weekends for a couple years yet I stayed there when I started working.

My sister moved out when she was 16 or 17 to live with a few friends in a house they rented in my home town.

My parents moved out from our home when I was 21 so technically I didn't move out and the cool thing is that I had to pay no rent.

I know... my English sucks.

Still live with my folks, should be moving out soon after I graduate university this semester. So...21 in the future!