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Forums - General Discussion - At What Age Did You Move Out of Family Home?

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How Old Were You When You Moved Out?

17 or less 5 6.67%
18-19 14 18.67%
20-21 12 16.00%
22-23 9 12.00%
24-25 7 9.33%
26-27 2 2.67%
28-29 4 5.33%
30+ 1 1.33%
Still Live At Home Under 30 17 22.67%
Still Live At Home Over 30 4 5.33%

After University spent a year and a half living at home finishing up my thesis film, touring around with it a bit at festivals, and then submitting endless work applications. Didn't help that I'm from the SF Bay Area where it's unreasonably expensive and most of friends still there live with parents even if they're working full-time. Just after turning 24, finally got hired by a Canadian studio so I emigrated and probably won't be back for a while, if ever.

It was tough to move so far with nothing but the independence has been worth the trouble. Love my family but it was hard not to feel like I was stagnating living at home for so long.

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Rogerioandrade said:

I know it will feels weird but I left my family´s home at 35. But there´s a good reason for that:

In my country, most people only leave their family´s home when they get married OR if they need to move to a different town/city for a good job.

The reason is that housing is extremely expensive in my country, so instead of spending our hard-earned low money on rents, people prefer just to stick to their families and use that money to provide a less strict life for everyone.  Also, culturally we are alwaysvery  close to our families.

Buying a house or apartment here may demand 20+ years debt, and only if you are able to get a job that pays about 50%+ above the average income. This is a little less hard if you get into that as a couple, so most people are only able to get their own houses after marrying. Many couples, sadly, are not able to do that and may forever live paying rents, due to the costs of the city where they live in. 

I never got married and I did not wanted to waste money on rents, so I stayed with my family until I could get a job with a salary good enough to get into that debt alone and then finally, buy an apartment. I´m still a looooong way to finish the debt, though.

Good thing is, during this time, I could help my family a lot, as we shared all bills and expenses, everyone was able to save some money.

 I think this this is the case in about 80% of the world. In some places it's a cultural thing.  In others, it's just basic economics. But, the vast majority of people that I talk to that are not from North America or the wealthier European countries seem to follow something close to this.

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18 and three weeks, Work + study, it is pretty normal in my family, I always felt sorry for people who are 20 and still live with parents. I will forbid my children to stay with us after the age of 20, it seems hard but I feel it makes people harder and certainly take more chances. I now have a business and have a house + 2 appartments but still have to finish the last two loans tho =p

25. I attended college in Miami, FL but was able to stay at home while doing so. When I got out and got a good job I moved out.


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I was 28. Typical age in Portugal. I moved to the UK where I still live and about to buy a house there too.

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18. Moved back in later on (22?) for about a year before moving out for good at 23 or 24.

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19 pretty much. I left to go on an lds mission and I technically moved home for like month when I got home... but then I moved out to go to school after 1 month... so I guess you could say 21... but i would say 19.

EnricoPallazzo said:
Rogerioandrade said: 

I dont think houses are that expensive in Brazil as an average. The problem is that salaries are low and interest rates for morgages are very high.

Comparing  prices with developed countries, yes. But our country has a much smaller average income, what makes housing here proportionally more costly. The average  salary in Brazil last year, was  R$ 2480,00 ( USD 703), while the average rent in a city like São Paulo was R$ 1750,00 ( USD 512 ) and the cheapest apartments in the same city - located on the farthest districts, cost around R$ 140.000 (USD 42.000). Ouch!

Of course, prices may vary a lot depending where you live. In smaller cities, houses are cheaper. I could by a house in a small city for  half the price of my apartment, but I´d have to quit my job and I would never find another one with a similar salary in that city. Most people do that with a plan of opening a small business in mind, but that also requires a lot of money. I personally don´t want to move so far from the state capital yet. Maybe when I´m older and closer to jubilating. 

very late, i were 28, but it was o.k. for me😉

Sadly culturally the family structure of my family (If I wasn't only child or the oldest, I could have branched out), the family stays together (which to be fair I understand in principal, but do not like in practice.)

I might start applying to work outside of this city, so I could be on my own for a bit (Lets say Montreal or Calgary). 

On the bright side, my savings will just get bigger and bigger with only dealing with my own bills.

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