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EnricoPallazzo said:
Rogerioandrade said: 

I dont think houses are that expensive in Brazil as an average. The problem is that salaries are low and interest rates for morgages are very high.

Comparing  prices with developed countries, yes. But our country has a much smaller average income, what makes housing here proportionally more costly. The average  salary in Brazil last year, was  R$ 2480,00 ( USD 703), while the average rent in a city like São Paulo was R$ 1750,00 ( USD 512 ) and the cheapest apartments in the same city - located on the farthest districts, cost around R$ 140.000 (USD 42.000). Ouch!

Of course, prices may vary a lot depending where you live. In smaller cities, houses are cheaper. I could by a house in a small city for  half the price of my apartment, but I´d have to quit my job and I would never find another one with a similar salary in that city. Most people do that with a plan of opening a small business in mind, but that also requires a lot of money. I personally don´t want to move so far from the state capital yet. Maybe when I´m older and closer to jubilating.