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Forums - Sales Discussion - How much will Mario Tennis Aces sell?


How many units will Mario Tennis Aces sell?

<500k 3 3.45%
500k-1M 9 10.34%
1M-1.5M 21 24.14%
1.5M-2M 23 26.44%
2M-2.5M 17 19.54%
>2.5M 14 16.09%

~1.5 million

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I'll be optimistic simce everything on Switch seems to sell better than their predecessors.

If even the bare bones Ultra Smash managed to do more than half a million, and on Wii U for God's sake, than Aces can do much, much better on Switch. So I think 2 million is about right.

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I'll go with 2.1 million - it's potentially the first fully-featured version of the game for a while, on a popular system with built-in multiplayer launching at the right time of year and it's being treated as a higher profile release by Nintendo (headlining the latest Direct). On top of that, changes to the gameplay look to me like Nintendo want this to be another eSports title, which might help it develop some good legs.

Definitely at least 1 million, and maybe as high as 2+ million.

I wonder if they could even do DLC content updates for it after release.

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I'll go in the range of 1.5M-2M

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I'd love to guess, but I was expecting Xenoblade 2 to take at least two financial quarters to make it to a million.

So I haven't a clue, except that it would probably be more than one thinks.

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I went with 1.5 mil. It's launching fairly early in the Switch's lifespan, there aren't a lot of competitors on the market for it, and it's a dry time for 1st party efforts from Nintendo. The fact that they seem to have incorporated so many new modes will also help.

On a side note, I think it's crazy that Nintendo would keep pumping resources into such a poorly selling franchise. Certainly it seems to have sold well a few times, but not enough to warrant such a consistent flow. This should make fans of the franchise happy. Personally, I've never heard of anyone being excited about a new Tennis, Golf, or Strikers game from Nintendo, but whoever you are, thank your lucky stars that Nintendo loves each of their franchises like they were its only child (except for Chibi-Robo and F-Zero, of course).

Something between 1.0 and 1.5 million. I´d bet 1.4 million. It could do more if Nintendo makes a good market / advertsiment campaign for it. 

Are those sales numbers for Mario Tennis Open (3ds) accurate ? I couldn´t find the 2013/2014 sales report on the Nintendo website, but I was sure that it sold at least 1.1 million physically in its first year and some good numbers on digital.

I think over 2M, they seem to have put real effort into this one, so the reception should be really good, besides it'll be one of the cheapest Mario games on the system alongside Mario+Rabbids in the next years, let's go with 2.3M

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