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Forums - Sales Discussion - How much will Mario Tennis Aces sell?


How many units will Mario Tennis Aces sell?

<500k 3 3.45%
500k-1M 9 10.34%
1M-1.5M 21 24.14%
1.5M-2M 23 26.44%
2M-2.5M 17 19.54%
>2.5M 14 16.09%
Roberto63 said:

You mean how many. 

No, I mean how much.

"How much will it sell?"
"How many units will it sell?"


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I think it will at least match the Wii-version, so 1.5 million

It looks pretty damn good I hope it sells well.

1.5 million

I'm going to go with 1.5 to 2 million.

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PwerlvlAmy said:

this is true,no one is ready for it,chain chomp is the hero we need

The hero we need but don't deserve...


OT: 1.5 million.

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COKTOE said:
Sales seem to be declining. I realize you're listing them in order of most to least sold instead of chronologically, but still....

I think this one will break the trend. My prediction is 2.5m. 

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1.5m by years end

I'd be surprised if it sold more than 1.1m.

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If Ultra Smash can do over 500k in its bare bones state, then something like Aces, which clearly looks like a lot of love has been put into it can pass 1m in sales. I will go with 1.35m