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Forums - Music Discussion - Songs and scenes that give you frisson. Lets list them.


I feel shivers down my spine from music..

Of course. 7 43.75%
sometimes. 8 50.00%
Never. 1 6.25%
Comments/not sure.... 0 0%

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Don't let this one fool you by its intro.

RaptorChrist said:

Is there another group that performed "Creep", as the version in this video is not as "heavy" as the one I am used to hearing.

Oh, and Mad World has to be the most depressing song I've ever heard in my life. Thanks a lot. :(

I believe that the linked version is an acoustic; almost positive that the heavy version you're thinking of is still Radiohead.

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Another good one from the 80s.



Another good one by the late great James Horner.

Many songs can do that to me but off the top of my head...