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Forums - Sales Discussion - Which Labo are you gonna grabo


Which labo will you get

Robot kit 4 4.76%
Variety Kit 17 20.24%
Both 5 5.95%
None 55 65.48%
Results please 3 3.57%

That thread title is great. 

I'm not gonna grab any though, don't even got a Switch yet. If I did though I probably still wouldn't grab any of them since while I think the idea behind them is really creative and I hope it works out well for Nintendo since it seems really clever, I just personally don't think I would use it much or have much interest in it. 

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kirby007 said:
ktay95 said:

This would boost sales under the hardcore gamers

But at the cost of Labo's kid friendly image.

FloatingWaffles said:

That thread title is great. 

Thanks, it was my idea ;)

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Still that 33% here

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It is cardboard with Nintendo logo on it....

so yes. I will buy it. I will buy them all.
Or maybe not all, but at least the variety kit.
If the games seem at least decent.
I just hope they make those games great or make it so that I can make great games with it, so much potential.

None. Labo looks really bad and boring.


This is as worse as 3D or Motion controls.


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