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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - The Inevitable Question: Your Most Wanted Character(s) in Super Smash Bros.

Well boys, another Nintendo console, another Smash.

I gotta say, this one is coming MUCH sooner than I expected, and I honestly don't have any words... Inkling Girl says it all for me:

This is a question that has been asked for ages, and I don't expect the most valid responses out there, but that's the beauty of this discussion, and after the addition of characters like Cloud Strife and Solid Snake, the potential for new characters is limitless.

So just tell me, who are your most desired characters in Smash?

My two picks?

Crash Bandicoot

Render by Smashified

This guy might not be super iconic as Mario or even Sonic, but he's one of the king of platformers, and after the amazing treat that was the N.Sane trilogy, this guy is more relevant than ever now. The fact that N.Sane Trilogy is coming to Switch only backs this guy's case, but this guy has defined my childhood gaming, so seeing him would be an absolute treat. If I get to spin and slide into my opponents, and perhaps even throw TNTs at them ala Crash Bash while jamming to this theme, I'm game:

Joker (Persona 5)

Render by SunSpirit from GameBanana

This one is a personal wish honestly, but come on, it's no denying that Persona 5 made the series into quite the sensation for gamers, for its eye-catching art style, and jamming music that you've probably never heard outside the Persona series. Yeah, the series has been almost exclusive to PlayStation, but with Persona Q2 on the horizon for the 3DS, and the fact that themes like "Life Will Change" and "Last Surprise" resonated with the internet, what the heck, go crazy Sakurai xP. Besides, being able to beat up Link while I do an all-out attack would be a dream.


Alright I'm done fantasizing xD.

Any characters in particular YOU want? Do you think Smash on Switch can POSSIBLY improve upon Smash 4's near perfect roster? Am I being an idiot for letting my dreams go wild? xP

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Sub zero and raiden then they would be in a good fighting game for once

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Basically just Crash, probably the next main FE character and maybe Waluigi and then I'm starting to run out of ideas. Ice Climbers, Snake and Wolf returning I guess.


Can do an Ice Climbers type thing, or make them separate characters. I'm fine either way, though the former is more fitting IMO.

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My armless and legless boi deserves a spot.


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Crash, Odyssey Mario, XC2 characters, ARMS characters.

A Tales of rep.

Cless Albane (Phantasia) or Lloyd Irving (Symphonia)

Pretty popular from the first and one of the most iconic and popular entries respectively, plus very tied to Nintendo.

Chun-Li, Coco Bandicoot, Spyro who else need? :thonking:

breath of the wild link (basically comfirmed now), Odyssey Mario with cappy, and of course, crash bandicoot.

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Naruto- Dude has a lot of exclusive Nintendo games and it would just be simply awesome to see him.

Luffy- Another character who has a lot of Nintendo exclusives and honestly his powerset would suit a smash game just fine.

Honorable mention-
Ghirahim- If this is truly a new game with Botw Link probably too late for him but it would've been nice to see him.