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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - The Inevitable Question: Your Most Wanted Character(s) in Super Smash Bros.

  • King K Rool
  • Next FE main character
  • Add another one from FE, maybe a mounted unit to mix it up a bit (Cordelia/Camilla/Frederick/Hinoka; yes I couldn't care less about there being lots of FE characters, no reason to remove existing content/hold back solid characters)
  • Waluigi
  • Dixie Kong
  • Odyssey Mario w/ Cappy
  • Chibi-Robo
  • Ice Climbers
  • Return of Pokemon Trainer
  • New Pokemon rep from the next mainline game (though I'm sure Detective Pikachu could be pretty awesome)
  • Captain Toad
  • Jeanne/Rodin 
  • Fawful
  • Quagsire
  • Rabbids (not that I really want them in, but I can see them happening in their Kingdom Battle iteration)
  • Crash
  • Luigi with more of an emphasis on his ghost-catching tools/abilities

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Wanted the inklings and we got them. I don't really care about other third party characters. We got all the iconic ones in Smash 4 so meh honestly all i want now is a story or else i don't really care.

Inklings were definitely near the top of my wishlist, but them being in Smash was always a matter of time.

I want more Zelda characters, loads more. I actually want 3 Links, as dumb as it sounds - the classic Link as he always was, the BotW Link with loads of different weapons and runes, and Wolf Link+Midna because that'd be sick. I also want oldschool Ganon from the 2D games as I think he could play very differently from the other heavyweights with his trident and magic and stuff. Impa could be a cool semi-clone of Sheik too, and I wouldn't mind some one-off character like Ghirahim or one of the Champions.

Besides Zelda, I don't know. Dixie and K. Rool would be alright. Rosalina without Luma, because fuck that little thing. Wolf, obviously. Maybe Dark Samus would be kinda cool, as long as she didn't play anything like Samus. I also want Isaac even though I never played Golden Sun.

As for third-party characters, it'd be cool to see Bomberman and Simon Belmont (and all the Smash 4 ones back along with Snake).

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kirby007 said:

Sub zero Scorpion and raiden then they would be in a good fighting game for once


OT: Would be interesting to see our pro golfer from Golf Story or Revali from BotW.


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I want Snake and Ice Climbers back...
I really liked Pokémon Trainer in Brawl, so I would be happy to have him back...
I want Dark Pit with a new move set; there were way too many weapons in Uprising to justify making him a clone...
Geno because it just wouldn't be Smash without asking for him and being disappointed...
Spring Man...
I'd love to see some smaller eShop games get represented...
I know Dillon was an assist trophy in Smash 4, but he's cool enough to pass as a random, obscure addition to the roster...
Or Box Boy...

Have a nice day...

Zeke and Julie from Zombies Ate My Neighbors! You can have them pallet swap each other. So many moves they could use from the game and their final smash could be turning into the giant baby and trying to stomp on others. I pushed hard for these guys during the smash ballot but shocking didn't win lol.

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I know this'll never happen but I like the OS tans like I would like to see. I have a weird fetish on them

Microsoft Windows 10 anime girl Touko Madobe
Apples Anime girl Macintosh System 3.4 she does stunts
Linux anime girl Apodio

Theres Touko Madobe pron in google images She is Microsoft Windows 10 Mascot

OS tan collections wiki on google :P

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Isaac from Golden Sun is the only right answer. He needs to be playable.