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Forums - General Discussion - To your knowledge, what event brought you closest to death?

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My Birth

Pneumonia in my late 20's

when i was 4 holding a massive knife I fell knife pointing upwards fell on my face the knife missed me it wanted to my right eye and brain .

When I was 12 I think I I was trying to make my bike turn with my weight no hands met a car I fell and driver left

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I got hit by a car once, so probably that.

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Plenty of times in my dreams and who knows how often in video games.

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Heart attack territory.

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I had a marble in my mouth then it got stuck in my throat for a few seconds which I couldn't breathe at the time. I seriously thought I was gonna die but luckily I swallowed it. I wanted to cough it out but it went down. I was 5 or 6 year old. There was another time I almost drowned. Me and my friends built a raft to get across a river but it couldn't hold all 4 or 5 of us for long so it sank or fell apart just a few meters out. I was the only one couldn't swim and my friend tried to save me but I was pushing him under so he let go of me and somehow I was able to float on my back and back to safety. I drank the disgusting river water while I was at it too

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When driving a car.

I don't know, I've never really been in a life-threatening situation.

I died almost twice. Both times my mother saved me:

She had the strong feeling she needed to induce me a week befor birth. I was born with a knot in my umbilical cord. The doctors told her that if I would have been born later I either would have died or would have been mentally handicapped.

When I was four years old I was getting into too deep water. I was drowning but my mother saved me.

I literally owe her my life!

Briefly worked as a bouncer for an unsavory establishment when I was hard up for some quick cash, but long enough to have a couple knives and guns pulled on me. Besides that maybe the time the massive tree in our yard miraculously fell right in between houses while we were eating dinner right under it.

Oh yeah, apparently I nearly choked to death as a baby; turned blue and everything.

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I went hiking with my dad once when I was nine years old and fell into a waterfall. Somehow managed to grab onto something before I went off the edge.

When I was 5-6 years old, I was jumping around on the double bunk bed I shared with my brother. I lost track of where I was, lost my footing, fell off the top bed, and landed with the back of my head smashing up against the edge of the wall.

All I could remember from that point on was a lot of crying, mostly from me, shearing pain, a towel pressed against my head to stop the bleeding, and being rushed to the emergency room to get stitches. When I was in the emergency room, I remember slipping in and out of consciousness with my dad next to me holding my hand. That's actually the very farthest I can remember in all my life. So, that was actually my first memory.

Looking back now, it's possible that if the front of my head hit the edge of the wall instead of the back, or if the doctor poked into something to deep into my head, I could very well be six feet underground right now.