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Forums - Sales Discussion - January 2018 NPD Thread! Switch #1


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Switch > xbox one > ps4

Ah, here we go

Bet with bluedawgs: I say Switch will outsell PS4 in 2018, he says PS4 will outsell Switch. He's now permabanned, but the bet will remain in my sig.

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Pinkie_pie said:
Switch > xbox one > ps4

We don't have exact numbers yet right, just that is the order? Falling of cliff indeed. 

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Quickrick was right, switch falling off a cliff.

X1 had its best jan ever, what are x1 previous jan?

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Switch won ?

Honestly kinda surprised the switch came in first last month since January was probably the worst month the console has had release wise

The Nintendo 3DS handheld console just had its best January since 2013 in terms of consoles sold, according to the NPD Group. For hardware dollar sales, it was the portable’s best January since 2014.

Weird, so the Switch hasn't even started cannibalizing it yet is selling so well already ?

So Switch sold the most units and PS4 made the most money according to that VentureBeat article. Good to see all 3 systems are healthy in the US.

We can asume that the numbers are:

-Switch 350 000
-Xbox One 330 000
-PS4 320 000