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Forums - Sales Discussion - January 2018 NPD Thread! Switch #1

Megiddo said:

So Switch sold the most units and PS4 made the most money according to that VentureBeat article. Good to see all 3 systems are healthy in the US.

Does this mean the ratio of the Pro to the basic PS4 is increasing ?

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What was the Xbox One's best January before this point?

30k between the 3

A great January overall.

Congrats to the big 3!

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here i am.Switch gonna climb that wii sales cliff

I'm surprised sales were so close between the 3 in January. Looking at amazon I thought switch was gonna win by at least 50k

SKMBlake said:

We can asume that the numbers are:

-Switch 350 000
-Xbox One 330 000
-PS4 320 000

No. Your numbers do not take 3DS into account (though I am not sure if that was included in the number) and it was confirmed that the difference between Switch (the system in first place) and the console in third-place (according to people here it is PS4, but I did not see that stated in the report) was 3%. Of course the report did say that unit sales were above 1 million so we could be underestimating the total.

Looks like it was a great month for hardware. Best 3DS and Xbox One January and Switch and PS4 did great.
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A lot of you are saying Switch>xboxone>ps4, but I dont see anything that indicates that xbox one outsold ps4? Anyway gratz to all platforms! I am slightly surprised that Switch didnt outsell competitiors more and that xbox one wouldnt be way ahead of ps4 with 199$ for half a month and mostly cheaper whole month.