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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Whats with publishers and Switch carts?

twintail said:
Stuart23 said:
This is the most absolute laziness from Capcom. MM Collection could EASILY fit in one card,and a small one even.
Darwinianevolution said:
This is really dumb. There is no real excuse for Capcom to not just put the whole game on a single cartridge, SPECIALLY when it's just a compilation of really small games.
Ninja~Monkey said:
It's just Capcom being Capcom, nothing new to see here

I suppose we can give Nintendo the pass here just because.

If Nintendo aint gonna bother putting Bayo1 and 2 on a single cart, why should any other publisher do it?

No one is an exception, no one is excused from this. Goes for anyone

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There is another thing that I don't understand. Why doesn't the press talk about this? or at least I have not seen that they do it in a massive way and the public's annoyance regarding this is quite evident.

I've seen a lot of interviews with Reggie or Kimishima and they are not asked questions about this topic

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I think it is to discourage pre-owned sales. The one time download code expires so the game has less resale value.

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People needs to understand that this is not ONLY Capcom fault.

twintail said:
Ninja~Monkey said:

No one is an exception, no one is excused from this. Goes for anyone

But you all magically hit down on only Capcom when  the op mentions Bayo too.

Lol well I didn't read the last part, but fair enough.
I can't speak for everyone else but my previous response speaks for itself. Don't read into things all too much.
The fact that Capcom is doing it however doesn't really come off as surprising to me
However the fact that Nintendo is doing it does, but hey it's their loss I guess

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I hate digital copies, im an old school gamer and I like physical games. Bitches!!

The whole you need to download the rest of the game to play it makes sense. Depending on the game. I mean if the game is over 16GB I won't blame them. 32GB is probably too expensive. However you know what would be cool? Having a collector's edition and making the game fit on a 32GB cart. You can increase the price and I guarantee the game will sell out! Maybe even sell more than the standard edition

Also Capcom has no excuse on butchering the Mega Man Legacy collection. These games easily fit on a 8GB card. An 8GB card is cheap and comparable to a Blu-Ray disc. They just want to limit used sales. Resident Evil Revelations had a good excuse why it had part 2 as a digital download. Capcom is just being greedy.

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Alkibiádēs said:

It's to fight the used games market. Your copy will be worth even less if part of the content can't even be accessed anymore after you sell it. They just hide behind the excuse " but carts are more expensive".

For really large games that excuse can be used of course, but not for a collection of NES roms.


Ganoncrotch said:
Just look at it like a online pass, a method for them to use the media to fight pre owned sales of the games, each time someone buys a used copy of Bayonetta 2 they need to still shell out 30 online for the first game.

Good call you two (and the other 4 people that called it).  this makes more sense than Nintendo and Capcom being cheap (not that they aren't but....)

Yeah, absolutely hate it, and it's a turn off for me whenever I see it for a game. It feels more unacceptable when the collection should be able to fit into a cart no problem.



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In this case, I feel it's just that they are being cheap, to make more money, rather than the cartridges being too expensive

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