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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Whats with publishers and Switch carts?

killeryoshis said:
The whole you need to download the rest of the game to play it makes sense. Depending on the game. I mean if the game is over 16GB I won't blame them. 32GB is probably too expensive. However you know what would be cool? Having a collector's edition and making the game fit on a 32GB cart. You can increase the price and I guarantee the game will sell out! Maybe even sell more than the standard edition

Also Capcom has no excuse on butchering the Mega Man Legacy collection. These games easily fit on a 8GB card. An 8GB card is cheap and comparable to a Blu-Ray disc. They just want to limit used sales. Resident Evil Revelations had a good excuse why it had part 2 as a digital download. Capcom is just being greedy.

Is a 8GB cartridge comparable to optical disc. I can buy a low end movie on bluray for £1 in a poundshop. It might be a low end movie of little worth but some profit is going back to movie maker and lots of other costs as well  including the packaging. That disc must cost only pence to duplicate, in the region of 15-30p I would of thought. Also magazines sometimes have free bluray discs on the cover, demos or trailers etc.

A 8GB micro SD card still costs significant money and the price of that is for something with many companies competing with a huge amount of competition. I can't see a 8GB specialised cartridge made in low volume with actual data recorded to it and no doubt many additional costs being comparable in price and they never were for cartridge games historically compared to optical and there is no change now.

Lowest price over here for a 32GB micro SD card is about £10-15 in the UK. People on this forum claim cartridges are cheap to make but I see no basis for that at all they will be hugely expensive compared to bluray discs and there will always be massive pressure to reduce their capacity. 

What annoys me is once you have the cartridge that should be your ticket to the download. Supplying download codes with cartridge games is what I find offensive. They could supply a cartridge that is 1 MB in size but all it does is enable downloads of the actual games. That to me would be better so the cartridge could be freely sold and whoever buys it gets to download and play the games. That would mean games were cheap to make for retail copies.  It would  still be annoying end of life when Nintendo stops supporting the Switch and the games can no longer be downloaded but still better than the current situation. Instead the whole benefit of cartridges has been ruined and seems pointless. It limits people's long term access to the games they have bought. You may as well just put a download code in a retail box and save all the cost of the cartridge game itself bringing Switch games prices down hopefully.

However ultimately its down to whether consumers accept the current situation and it looks like they will going by Switch sales. Considering the value offered by something like google where android games cost peanuts and all your games are still available even bought many years ago and likely will be for many years in the future even decades the Switch situation seems excessively expensive. It makes the case for buying non Switch exclusive games on other platforms very strong.  

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alejollorente10 said:
There is another thing that I don't understand. Why doesn't the press talk about this? or at least I have not seen that they do it in a massive way and the public's annoyance regarding this is quite evident.

I've seen a lot of interviews with Reggie or Kimishima and they are not asked questions about this topic

This should be a regular question at interviews. Mention of the fan backlash should be mentioned as part of the question. I'd love to see Capcom do an AMA right now. 


I would definitely sign a petition - maybe seeing the sheer number of sales lost by these dodgey practices would sway publishers to do proper physical releases.

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I think it's because they're just too expensive, or more expensive than Blu Ray discs. They're trying to find a good medium between price of cards vs. discs. Capcom could have just put Legacy Collection 1 and 2 on an 8GB card and called it a day, and you'd actually physically own the games. Even Nintendo put Mario Odyssey on an 8GB card without issues, they didn't split the game in half and make you download the other.

It's just cheap, and it's a way to add to their bottom line.