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Forums - Sony Discussion - Kaz Hirai To Step Down As Sony CEO April 1st.


Sony Corp. CEO Kaz Hirai to retire April 1st. Will become chairman. 


Old CFO Kenichiro Yoshida will be the new CEO.

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Wait, really? Kaz has been doing a pretty solid job turning the company around. I wonder what this means for Sony moving forward.

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Ceo kaz hirai on twitter announced a while back he was retiring soon aswell. They are both the same person confirmed?

Kaz is going multiplat?

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We didn't think the twitter account was really him.... this makes me think it is even more than before

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Hope this don’t get derailed by the fake twitter account garbage. Anyhow, good luck to Kaz, can’t imagine PS without him.

He done good.

...while PS4 on fire? Perfectly-timed retirement.

Well that is a bomb shell. Glad he wil remain on the board, pretty standard stuff, but good to see. Hope he will enjoy what comes next, while still being vocal when he is needed. I know Kenichiro Yoshida has been a very solid leader, and should be a good successor. He made a lot of good decissions dumping divisions the last few years. I just hope they don't take try and screw over the PlayStation branch again. Sony has a history of trying to snuff out PlayStation to push their "mature" products. Vita killed off in favor of Xperia is Sony's most costly mistake by billions. Hopefully they will look at the massive growth and profits and finally be over the PlayStation is a toy sigma.

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