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Forums - Sony Discussion - Kaz Hirai To Step Down As Sony CEO April 1st.

KBG29 said:
Well that is a bomb shell. Glad he wil remain on the board, pretty standard stuff, but good to see. Hope he will enjoy what comes next, while still being vocal when he is needed. I know Kenichiro Yoshida has been a very solid leader, and should be a good successor. He made a lot of good decissions dumping divisions the last few years. I just hope they don't take try and screw over the PlayStation branch again. Sony has a history of trying to snuff out PlayStation to push their "mature" products. Vita killed off in favor of Xperia is Sony's most costly mistake by billions. Hopefully they will look at the massive growth and profits and finally be over the PlayStation is a toy sigma.

Please go ahead and explain how this is even remotely true.

Things to demonstrate:
- Xperia was favored.
- The vita was dropped in favor or Xperia.
- The vita would have generated billions of revenue if handled differently.

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Kaz wants to step down on a good note I guess.

He’s done incredible with th PlayStation, I really hope the next guy can run it with the same passion and understanding of what the fans want from a console as he did.

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Sad to see him going.He was a great leader for Sony, getting them out of their darkest hour and making a huge success with the likes of PS4.I mean, the man cant stay in that position forever, but its sad nevertheless.

My (locked) thread about how difficulty should be a decision for the developers, not the gamers.


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V-r0cK said:
Kaz wants to step down on a good note I guess.

That seems to be happening a lot at Playstation, with the likes of Jack Tretton and Andrew House.

But we need FakeKaz :/

BraLoD said:
But we need FakeKaz :/


Not gonna be the same without kaz and Andrew. Or tretton and boyes. Shawn is cool but there’s not much left of the old guard. Thank god we still have shu :(