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Forums - Sony Discussion - PS4/XBO/NS - 2017 vs. 2018: Final Results!!!

This will be interesting. Thank you for this thread!

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You're welcome!

2018 will be peak. Strongest exclusive games for casual gamers, like God of War and Spider-Man (this one would be huge, Uncharted 4's level). Also RDR2. And we finally will see Death Stranding' and Last of Us 2's gameplay - huge hype, big sells.

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Boom. 2017 not peak year confirmed.

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Good to see it start up yoy

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With the amount of people saying this will be the peak year I am becoming doubtful of my prediction. If for nothing else but that the PS4 so far this gen has always done the unexpected. Looking at you november and december 2017.

I will say up, inmenent price cut for both th standard and pro plus all the games coming this year.

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A great thread, this. Really interesting to see the 2015/16/17 battle and this may just top it, so thank you OP.

I didn't think 2018 was going to be its peak year. However, this was before the 2017 Holiday performance came fully into view. There's definitely potential there. The way I see it is it could go either way, I think 2018 will be absolute minimum of 18.5M with the shape of releases this year, so it won't drop much, if it does.

However, there's definite scope for a relatively bigger increase. I thought 2017 was on for 21M, nigh-on 22M. I still think that's achievable in 2018. The games are there, the missed holiday potential from 2017 is there for 2018. However, it's looking like a staged price drop leads to matching the potential, culminating in a $199 for the entirety of the 2018 Holiday period. There's a far better chance for Sony to feel comfortable with that price for more than just Black Friday and consumers haven't been exposed to it for a sufficient time that it wouldn't bump sales up. Hell, their Black Friday price might just be lower than it was this year, if they make $199 permanent.

Like I say, very easily possible for it to go both ways, but based on the first week, I'm going to be optimistic and say 2018 will be the peak.

I don’t think the PS4 will sell as much this year, I think the decline in sales will start, it’s sold like crazy up to now and I just reckon that it’s going to start slowing. I understand it’s +5000 in FW but it’s early days

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I thoroughly believe 2018 has the potential to be the peak year. This year already offers several exclusives and third party titles that are likely to have a much bigger impact on sales, especially if this years CoD is the rumored Black Ops 4. Games like God of War and Spider-Man are guaranteed to be massive sellers, while games like RDR speak for themselves.

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