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Forums - Gaming Discussion - January NPD 2018 predictions thread


Predict the winner of the month

Switch, by a lot 22 30.99%
Switch, barely 21 29.58%
PS4, by a lot 6 8.45%
PS4, barely 20 28.17%
XB1, by a lot 1 1.41%
XB1, barely 1 1.41%

January can be a 4 or 5 weeks month. This year, it is a 5 weeks month.


Important release



Possible hardware impact:
- weird Switch stock situation


Last month
[NSW] 1500K
[XB1] 1365K
[PS4] 1080K

Last year
[PS4] 211K
[XB1] 158K


Predictions thread archivie

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[NSW] 361K
[PS4] 257K
[XB1] 187K

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[NSW] 245K

[PS4] 220K

[XB1] 150K

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[NSW] 245k [PS4] 192k [XB1] 160k

Switch - 295k

PS4 - 230k

XBO - 171k

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Ryng_Tolu said:

January can be a 4 or 5 weeks month. This year, it is a 4 weeks month.

Wait, really? I heard it was a 5 week month this year.

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[NSW] 242K

[PS4] 243K

[XB1] 125K 

Switch : 272k PS4 : 212k Xbox one : 140k

[NSW] 250K

[PS4] 210K

[XB1] 135K

[NSW] 240K

[PS4] 199K

[XB1] 152K

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