Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Project Octopath Traveler demo surpasses one million downloads, improvements, more.

I'm really looking forward to this game even though I still don't have a Switch. Great to see all those improvements they're making.

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That's quite a lot of downloads for a demo... I guess? I don't remember download figures for demos ever being reported before. I downloaded it as well and I've yet to actually play it thoroughly.

On another note, I'd also enjoy a CT and FFVI remake, just not using this engine.

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Very keen for this one.Great to see that the developers have taken so much on board. I put 3 hours into the demo, and can see myself getting 100+ out of the full game. This is how a demo should be done, months beforehand, with a way of providing feedback so that improvements can be made prior to release, instead of two weeks before launch as (generally a very poor form of) advertising.

Bristow9091 said:
Shikamo said:

I REALLY want a Remake for Chrono Trigger and FFVI using this engine, it's Gorgeous!

All the yes! Seriously Square Enix, get the fuck on this right now!

I played the demo when it first came out and absolutely loved it, but the ability to skip cutscenes will be nice, especially if you die during a boss fight and have to watch the entire cutscene again, I mean, it NEVER happened to me, but just sayin', imagine that happening to YOU! :P 

Can't wait for the game to come out, since it was first shown, it's been my most anticipated Switch game!

I understand what you feel, its one of the most anticipated game to me, along with Ni no kuni 2, pokemon switch, fire emblem switch, god of war, kingdom hearts 3, ff vii remake, persona q2, Dragon quest XI and shin megami tensei v.


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Wow! It definitely deserves it. Hope it means amazing sales upon release.

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I just hope they don't make it boring. I don't want another I Am Setsuna.

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I'm glad they added a skip button. The Primrose boss killed me several times, so that overly long dialogue was getting very annoying.

Medisti said:
Great news. I suggested skipping cutscenes myself. I died before the boss of Primrose's story, and had to sit through the entirety of that long scene before it again. It was far more tedious than it ever should have been, considering how good the demo had been up to that point.

I died to that boss two or three times and have never picked it up since, because watching the cutscene once was amazing and got to be a chore afterwards.

I've bee meanin to get back to it though.

I downloaded it myself, though I didn't get very far as I must have gotten distracted with other things.

This is going to be a good one. If it's Bravely Default minus the over the top humor and 4th wall breaking, i'm def getting it.