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vivster said:
I just hope they don't make it boring. I don't want another I Am Setsuna.

That's Lost Sphear.


Actually kinda enjoying it but it's nothing special.

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SuperNova said:
Medisti said:
Great news. I suggested skipping cutscenes myself. I died before the boss of Primrose's story, and had to sit through the entirety of that long scene before it again. It was far more tedious than it ever should have been, considering how good the demo had been up to that point.

I died to that boss two or three times and have never picked it up since, because watching the cutscene once was amazing and got to be a chore afterwards.

I've bee meanin to get back to it though.

I know exactly how you feel. That cutscene was way too long for something you can't skip. If I had lost again, I probably wouldn't have bothered either.

Great, the visibility improvements in the Dungeons is really a good addition, I entered my opinion in the survey but didn't cover that point, I focused on adjustments to the combat system to make it faster and to the menus.

I think this game will end up being amazing, the story seems great, the artstyle is remarkable, the full combat system is likely solid too, I don't see how they could screw this up

Nice to see the feedback was put to good use. Can't wait for this game to come out!

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I played it for like 30 minutes only. I still have a backlog to go throuh.

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