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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Opinion: The Witcher 3 is boring, confusing, bad written and bad directed, etc...

Yeah but have you played Gwent?

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You're not wrong. The world looks great though and was fun to explore. Just turn the ? marks off, or rather the whole mini map and get lost in exploration.

It has some humorous moments as well, but I have to agree about the main quest. Once I had the whole map explored the game turned into a chore. The main quest was about as anti climactic as the end of my base jump

I'll respectfully disagree. My only issue is that combat might get a bit stale occasionally but other than that it nails everything else. Its like fantasy GTAV.

Well, you hated it, I liked it. It's kind of hard to discuss about taste and game choices and your opinion is no more real or valid than mine is. I hated GTA5 (or any other GTA game) in fact so much more than you hate TW3 that I actually never played GTA cause from the videos and themes of it I know in advance that such a game is crap. Not visually nor in terms of game play, but to me video games are a medium that allows specifically to create fantasy and a game like GTA fails miserably. To be fair I must say it does not fail in the sense that it does not even try but yeah, GTA is not what video games should be IMO. If I wanted to see whores and drugs lords and cops and corrupt people of all sorts all I have to do is go to a big city and find them downtown or something, they're all there, it's a reality of our world and I don't care to see that in my video games... But someone else will enjoy GTA because they do not see video games like I do and to them the world of drugs and murders and such stuff is fun.

I think TW3 is visually beautiful, the quests are very RPG like, the story is the best part and it does the job of immersing you into that world of magic, dragons, mythological creatures etc, with a background of war, intolerance and even racism which makes it that much more complex and "human".

The combat is a bit weak though and the fact I did TW3 just after doing the brilliant Bloodborne did not help as that made me feel the difference all the more because of it. But a more rudimentary combat system allows you to better focus on the story so after a while I was fine with it.

The game within the Game (Gwent) was a great idea and it kind of makes you enjoy two games instead of one, so much so in fact that now Gwent is its own stand alone game.

The world felt a bit small to me, it isn't exactly small of course but I felt that one can reach the borders a little too fast. Maybe we are too used to bigger and bigger worlds nowadays. The point is I wouldn't have minded if the world had been larger.

So all in all this game is great and I enjoyed it all the way to the platinum trophy which I managed to get and the fact you hated it does not make it a bad game, it's just a game that is not for you and that's all.

Perhaps you should have added a poll where people can choose to vote for it or against it.

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Dark_Feanor said:
COKTOE said:
Oh boy. :) I bought it the day it came out, and the hardcover strategy guide, which I will only look at on a second or third playthrough. I haven't played it yet, so have nothing to offer in terms of my own experience. I'm curious to know if you've played any of the Elder Scrolls games.

Skyrim and Oblivion.

Fallout3, New Vegas and 4.

I also like Dragon Age and Mass Effect.

I must add that it's really strange that you complain about same voices and faces in TW3 when this was 10 times worse in games like Oblivion where you literally have the same copy/pasted face when you talked to people with the same dialogues when for instance talking to guards in different cities. And that's not even mentioning the fact children are so painfully copy/pasted in Skyrim all the way down to their clothes. And I won't talk about copy/pasted kids in Oblivion cause they didn't even bother to put kids in that game. I guess people are born adults in that world... Yet you seem to love games like Oblivion or Skyrim but hate TW3.

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I completely agree.

Infact, I think Skyrim and Fallout 4 are infinitely better.

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foodfather said:
I agree.

I'm convinced people only like it because it tries to be ''edgy'' and has titays.

I find the writing in particular quite woeful.

I don't necessarily agree with you, but this is how I felt about Game of Thrones. Honestly from what I remember a pretty mediocre show, it kind of felt like people only liked it because they were so used to TV being of even lower quality than GOT.

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I could never finish it either. While it isn't a bad game in any sense, some of the mechanics are far too confusing, while combat is meh at best. Maybe I would've enjoyed it more if I had actually done some of the side quests, but I haven't played it in a couple years now.

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Everyone has foul mouths and bad attitudes because literally everyone in that game is close to or completely poor! Most of the npcs live in run down houses with monsters and bandits right in their backyard. Not to mention this is a time of war everyone is miserable.

The combat could be better though.

As for the sorceresses none of them are probably that young and sexy except for maybe Triss. They glamour themselves to look like that.

Sounds like you're being overly critical of it by far. You seem like someone who doesn't care for the genre at all. I've played it and experienced the entire game. It has the best voice acting, dialog, storyline, writing, interesting characters in that genre.