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Looks like somebody is trying to be a rebel.

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alternine said:
Looks like somebody is trying to be a rebel.

or a hipster.

The best game ever imo. I can understand it not everyone will like it but badly written and directed yeah right lol. Especially if you say TW3 is badly written and then say Fallout 4 is better.. now THAT was some piss poor writing there.

And I thought three months to finish it at 105 hours was bad.

I'm actually gonna' have to disagree with most, if not all, of what you've said there. I'm not saying it's the best game ever made, because it isn't, but you're being way overly critical of it in just about every sense and category.

I think if I played it back in 2015 it could have been my GOTY, although I didn't get round to it until last year, lol. The story alone was good enough to keep me playing, but then we also had this amazing world to explore, to find hidden dungeons and caves, do sidequests that have their own storyline and aren't just a simple "Go kill three enemies" or something, like that could be an objective, but the way they played out was great, self contained storylines basically, a nice break from playing the main story. Also the hunts were really fun too. Oh, and not to mention the graphics are gorgeous and the soundtrack is amazing!

I will admit that I started getting a little bored in a way, about halfway through, maybe a bit less actually, but that's because of how overwhelming the game can become, so I narrowed my scope and just focused on the story until I reached Skellige, from there I started REALLY enjoying myself, I think it may be one of my favourite places in a game, the visuals, sounds etc. just set a perfect atmosphere for the area and it was a joy to explore and sail around too.

Also I found combat to be rather satisfying, especially once you increase your chance of dismemberment, and you run into a dozen men and chop them up, limbs and heads flying all around, which also looks great thanks to the animation work in the game, fun times!

I agree. I find it clunky and very boring. Ive tried to play it like 3 times now but i never really get anywhere because i just get bored.

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Good for you. You saved yourself like 100h. A lot of extremely popular games don't appeal to me because that usually means that it appeals only to the lowest common denominator, which is not what I like.

For example, the mainstream gamer apparently hates archery, which is why The Witcher is so popular. I wouldn't even touch it.

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Repetitive, boring quests, flat writing, poor animations, recycled voice-acting, poor and unresponsive combat, quirky angles and uninteresting lore. And then you cite Mass Effect, Skyrim and modern Fallout games as an example of, what? The opposite? Those games fall flat on those points to such an incredibly higher degree than TW3 that it beggars belief that anyone would even go there. I hope OP is some form of parody or satire, it certainly reads that way.

I understand how it might not appeal to everyone, but the critique in the OP is against the very things the game is the most lauded for by far for doing way better than other games in the same genre.

The OP is most of the impression I got from the game just by watching. Then again, it's a WRPG - I'll always hate 95% of them, and they will find their audience anyway.

Im not into story anyway or characters on voice acting. But what kills this game for me is the utterly shitty god awful  controls. How they made this so bad?

I tried with keyboerd/mouse and now with xbox controller. And this is one of the most unresponsive piece of shit controls i ever played with. Moving that dude to specific narrow places is horrible. Combat feels very delayed. Every button press has delays very often it dosent register at all. 

I really hate how the character moves. Same for horse.

The basic stuff for a game, good controls isnt existing here. + tons of other complains alrdy mentioned here. The devs of this game should try Dark souls or Niera. Still not perfect but at least in combat she does what i tell her to do. 

I start to play game recently (currently LV14) I agree about combat, I also dont like movement and camera, but quests, dialogues, characters, lore and world, Gwent, are all great things in game and I really enjoying game.