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what has held up better?

Legend of Zelda Wind Waker 37 63.79%
Okami 21 36.21%

Okami looks better from what i can tell


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Pemalite said:
SegataSanshiro said:

Wind Waker didn't have bloom on Gamecube. That was added with the Wii U release.

Which was "Common for the era". :P
It was a plague on the 6th and 7th gen hardware and to a lesser extent 5th gen, absolutely can't stand it.

Thankfully it's less of an issue on today's console which tend to use things like Global Illumination.

Bloom was mainly in the 6th gen and Wii U isn't a 7th gen console. It's 8th gen. Switch well that's where things get muddled but Wii U is an 8th gen console regardless of power.

Both games look great, so it really just comes down to personal preference. For me, Okami is more visually appealing, but I really like the look of both games.

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Wind Waker to me lives the test of time better, but Okami still has an outstanding artstyle too

The graphics are comparable but I would say Wind Waker due to the superior animation......

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I haven't played Wind Waker but Okami is timeless.

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Art style, it just depends on taste. Personally, I'd go with Wind Waker on that account with the exception of the terrible Link model. I have a soft spot for cel animation. HD aside, they could both be released today.

Gameplay, Okami. Wind Waker is easily at the bottom of the console Zelda games for that.

Okami, though I really enjoy both art styles.

Wind Waker looks better, and the only reason it's even SOMEWHAT close is because Okami was released 4 years later. if Wind Waker was a 2006 game this wouldn't even be a question.

Pemalite said:
Only criticism I can give wind wakers visuals is the bloom, which was a common issue with games of that era.

Yeah Windwaker looks nice and all, but that bloom is a bit overkill on Wii U. Then the sailing is still just a bit tedious. Okami HD looks gorgeous, and I don't say that often for any game period, much less HD remasters. 

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