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what has held up better?

Legend of Zelda Wind Waker 37 63.79%
Okami 21 36.21%

Honestly none of them got affected by time. Both the games even in their original version still look very beautiful. If you asked me that question I would say Okami but just because lookin back I liked Okami more,but both are gorgeous masterpieces.

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I've only played Wind-Waker, but from the art-style alone i'd put Okami over Wind-Waker, it just simply looks gorgeous. Not that Wind-Waker doesn't, but Okami simply looks a lot more striking to me.


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They both look great but I think Okami shines through. Playing it on PS4 and the game is a literal work of art.

Without a doubt Wind Waker.

Okami for me, I recently platinumed the game and I still amazes me, can't think of any other ps2 game especially for it's length that is better.

Okami was also the only game that we bought each a version of the game on the same day =p.

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Both games will still look stunning in 20 years time.

I think they're tied.

I want to say that, even though I love Twilight Princess, I wish it had a more stylized/cartoonish art-style.

Visually, Wind Waker, sure. It also had a more proper remaster with actual improvements besides just resolution, so that helps its case even more.

Okami still looks great, though, and it's a better game too.

Cerebralbore101 said:
Pemalite said:
Only criticism I can give wind wakers visuals is the bloom, which was a common issue with games of that era.

Yeah Windwaker looks nice and all, but that bloom is a bit overkill on Wii U. Then the sailing is still just a bit tedious. Okami HD looks gorgeous, and I don't say that often for any game period, much less HD remasters. 

WWHD's bloom is only overkill in that OP picture, which was from the game's initial reveal. They toned down the bloom a lot by release, it looks amazing in-game.