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I thought it was a good idea until I saw that they moved that left joy stick with the dpad.

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will definitely buy this I prefer the joystick placement on this

Green098 said:
aikohualda said:

hahaha ok fine!!!! never owned GC, Xbox and switch pro controller! how was it!?


i actually checked the release date :P

GC in japan at sept 2001 and XBOX in the US on Nov 2001... it beat it for 2 months :P

I never owned a GC or original Xbox controller either, I just knew that to be able to correct people saying in the early days of the Switch reveal they were ripping off the Xbox controller. I do own a Switch Pro controller and it feels perfectly fine. I use the left joystick and face buttons the most often so I like their placement on the top together.

I will probably get one... but I dont feel like i need a pro controller for now since i only play xenoblade right now


It ain't the greatest looking controller, and I rarely buy third party peripherals, but this one may be right up my ally. The DS4 is pretty bad in terms of battery life, and the light bar annoys the shit out of me. Also, I prefer offset thumbsticks. My DS4 loves to de-sync regularly as well. This thing solves at least two of those problems for me. I doubt that battery life is very good, as they need to keep the price down. But, hopefully it will solve the de-syncing problem as well. So, yeah, I think I'll pick one up.

In an ideal world, if MS gets out of the console business, they'll continue making controllers for other platforms. IMO, the XB1 pad is superior to all other standard, first party pads on the market. The XB1 Elite pad is the best gamepad ever made, by a mile. I'd love to buy one for PS4.... and Switch.

This is really going to hurt the bottom line of duct tape manufacturers...

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Conina said:

I had a wireless PS4 pad without light bar since day one:

Unfortunely, it has no decent R/L2 and 3. It's the only problem.


The fix for the lightbar issue does not involve spending lots of money. Get a black sticker, cut it in the right shape and stick it on top of the light.

Why does it look like an xbone controller though?

After looking at it a little more, its appearance is growing on me. I think its decent looking.

I don't even mind the unnecessary bulk. My hands are large enough. But damnit, you lost me with the analogue stick.

4 ≈ One

All I see is a xbox controller with ps4 buttons...