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Forums - Sony Discussion - We're Finally Getting a Wireless PS4 Pad Without a Light Bar

Analogs in wrong place. :/

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I was really excited for a moment when I clicked the thread. But WTF is this shit? Looks like I'm gonna continue to count on my trusty duct tape.

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Hiku said:

I can't get behind having the D-pad placed there. For browsing menus, sure, but not for things like fighting games.
Sony should just allow us to turn off the light sensor in a future update. They only let us dim the brightness so far.
Although I don't notice a reflection, but I'd like to turn it off to conserve battery life.

No... what they SHOULD do is just jam a bigger battery in there and call it a day. Both the Nintendo Pro Controller and Xbox One controller offer several times the charge that the DS4 does so there's no excuse why they can't as well. 

VAMatt said:
After looking at it a little more, its appearance is growing on me. I think its decent looking.

That's what she said. :)

But... the left stick is in the wrong place. And i dont know why people complain about the lightbar... o yea right, people like to complain about trivial stuff.

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Looks better than DS4.

With the horrible XOne d-pad? Why everyone seems to copy one of the worst d-pad designs of the last decade?

I find the lightbar to be a nice touch. Do people not like it?

I like the Xbox styled Asymmetrical analogue stick layout for everything except 2D games/fighters... Then my preference is the PS4 layout.

Why can't I have both? :'(

Also I would prefer AA battery's. Not just because I can get 3000mah cells (Verses the PS4 controllers 1000mah cell), but they are hot swap-able. Screw cables. Screw short battery life.

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The light never was a problem to me and I don't really need a xbox format controller to play, I'm quite used to PS layout

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