Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Prediction: Nintendo Labo titles will sell 5 million+ units this year.

Depends how much they put into R&D for this, but I think it will do fine, even if doesn't sell amazing

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Platina said:
Depends how much they put into R&D for this, but I think it will do fine, even if doesn't sell amazing

It honestly seems to be that the whole point of putting an IR camera in the Switch, and to a lesser extent HD rumble, was for this concept.  So, I think they made a pretty big investment in this.  

JWeinCom said:
tbone51 said:
To add on to jwein dont forget each game counts as 1 sold. So essentially it needs to selln2.5mil each sku kit

I'm also including any other potential titles.  I'm imagining they'll do another set for the holidays at least, and potentially some themed ones.  I honestly think I'm being a little bit conservative.

5mil is a good mark for optimism right now. Let's see more of it before release its still freshly new in our heads. If Nintendo !markets correct then it will become huge.


This idea is very nice for kids. I want to see that robo game though lol

I said in the reveal thread for it, but this thing will either be a success or failure by what the quality of the games that it comes with are imo.

If the games that it comes with are just mostly shitty minigames like it seemed most of them were in 1-2 Switch, on top of being charged $70-$80 for, I can see that completely ruining the whole thing. Don't forget Nintendo charged $50-$60 for 1-2 Switch as well so it's not like they haven't done it before.

If the games/minigames/activities that it comes with for each build set are actually pretty good or at least mostly decent/good then I think it will do well. If they end up being shit then that will ruin the whole thing, why bother buying it to play a game that isn't even good.

But then again I think they did show pictures as well where you can use them with games like Mario Kart 8 Deluxe so it doesn't seem like it's only limited to minigames, so perhaps that will be enough for some too.

Flilix said:
tbone51 said:

Are you tbone51¿ I was gonna make a similar thread lmao

When I read the title I was expecting you to be the OP of this thread.

Same here lol

Pocky Lover Boy! 

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tbone51 said:
JRPGfan said:

watched the trailer... it looks super gimmicky..... I hope it isnt a big hit.

I couldnt see myself useing any of those.

Why¿ it doesn't affect your gaming

Exactly!  How in any shape or form does this impact you as a gamer enough for you to want to see it fail?  Is it gimmicky?  Of course it is. It is the definition of a gimmick.  With some luck it may even become a fad, and if it does it'll reach this crazy predicted 5 million units this year.  But what it won't do is take any resources away from any company's core title development.  It could result in a few more Switches being sold, which could certainly make developers of core titles more apt to release games on the system.  

Good for them. What do normal gamers have from that?

I can see it happening.
I expect this venture to be very profitable for Nintendo.

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Quite possible. I see this as extending lifetime sales of the console from 10 to 30 million (maybe more) depending on how they market it, how much it trends, and how far they go with the concept.

Preorders opened. Right now, Labo Robot (the variety pack is unavailable) is the best selling game on Amazon. (4th best selling product overall after SNES Classic and PSN cards). Not a bad start.