Forums - Gaming Discussion - At what point do you lose/gain interest in a game based on review scores?

At what point do you lose interest in a game based on review scores?

8.5 2 6.45%
8 1 3.23%
7.5 3 9.68%
7 4 12.90%
6.5 13 41.94%
5.5 5 16.13%
4 1 3.23%
4.5 0 0.00%
4 0 0.00%
3.5 or below. 2 6.45%

Well, honestly if I have no interest in a game but see some 9/10 reviews for it I'll take a closer look. If I am interested in a game and see it getting 5

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It depends on the franchise and if I’m already familiar with it/interested in it and how the reviewers are typically known to rate them. If I’m interested but not familiar with it and the meta is mid 70s at least, I’ll take a look at it closer at the very least. If it’s a familiar franchise I look at the specifics of the score more so than how high or low it is by the general meta critic. I’m familiar with the general range of inflation and deflation value of some franchises and how reviewers tend to over and under value certain franchises based on trends, biases etc so that’s what I look for.

Next if I’m REALLY interested and on the fence, I look at some more videos and decide if I should do some more research, or decide on whether or not to buy it.

Even if I’m a little interested I tend to watch gameplay first.

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Not really.

I can enjoy games that get 4 or 5 out of 10s just as much as have no interest in games that get 8 or 9s. Sometimes reviewers just have a certain preference. Unless a game is just blatantly horrible looking from videos due to just beyond horrible performance and glitches (WWE 2K18 on Switch for example), then I may be put off from buying that game.

For example, Musou games for Western Audiences usually gets low-ish reviews because of its gameplay. But I’ve enjoyed every one that has come out that I’ve actually played.

A game is great with a 90+ on Metacritic. That doesn't mean it's your thing, just that it does the job of it's genre fantastically. There's no higher bracket for, like 95+, because the only games that get up that high have some kind of hype or nostalgia factors around them. This is a game you shouldn't try to penny pinch with: just pay whatever the lowest readily available price is and get that game.

A game is definitely worth a look with 85-89 on Metacritic . This game should have your attention. Just because it isn't 90+ doesn't mean it's bad, it just means there are minor imperfections. You shouldn't feel bad about paying full price for this, but only fans of the games will insist you but immediately rather than wait for a sale.

A game qualifies as unilaterally good if it has an 80-84 on Metacritic. That's not to say they're a system seller by any means, but they are definitely good games with value behind them. The kind of game that will pop up in list wars if it's a platform exclusive. Not something you typically buy full price, but no one will fault you for being excited about a good game.

A game is simply a passing grade with a 70-79 on Metacritic . Not great. Not system sellers. Not special. Typically only has "cult" fan followings that focus only on what the game does right, romanticising it in their minds. These are games that are definitely worth your time for a bargain, but you may get a few puzzled stares if you mention paying full price for it.

A game is considered a waste of time and money with a score of 30-69 on Metacritic . Don't buy. Don't worry about it. It's really not worth checking out unless you're a die-hard fan of the IP. Even then, you shouldn't be paying full price for rubbish like this.

A game is absolutely worthless if it has a score of 6-29 on Metacritic . Even if you received it for free, you shouldn't display it. This turd isn't even worth getting it for free, much less paying for it.

A game is legendary if it has a score of 1-5 on Metacritic . Get this game only as a joke, but don't pay full price for it.

A game is a fucking goddamn meme if it gets a Metacritic score of 0. Just wow.

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Never. I think I rented Superman 64 twice.

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Like hell I'm making a decision based on an arbitrary scale which is based off other, highly variable scales all mashed together.

People trying to make some kind of concrete chart out of that mess is just ridiculous.

If a game doesn't interest me then I don't care what kind of score gets tacked on the end. If a game does interest me then I'll read some reviews to find out more information so I can make up my own mind.

I don't lose interest based on review scores. If I'm interested in a game I want to try it myself, I've had a good time playing many low-rated games. Also had a terrible time with high-rated games such as Inside.

I don't lose or gain interest based on scores. Either I'm interested in it or not. It only increases or lowers my hype levels. I'm still gonna buy it regardless of score.

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I couldn't care less about review scores when it comes to buying games. I take the series and the genre into consideration and that's about it. I detest FPS games, so it could get 10/10 from everywhere but I still wouldn't buy it. Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Time/Darkness, my equal favourite gaming experience of all time, got between 5-7 in reviews, I think everyone that reviewed it were completely fucking stupid, as to me, beyond a 10/10. Knowing those review scores doesn't change my view one little bit.

If a game gets below 80, I would read the reviews, and I'd only buy the game if it looks really fun to me and if the negative stuff doesn't really bother me.