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At what point do you lose interest in a game based on review scores?

8.5 2 6.45%
8 1 3.23%
7.5 3 9.68%
7 4 12.90%
6.5 13 41.94%
5.5 5 16.13%
4 1 3.23%
4.5 0 0.00%
4 0 0.00%
3.5 or below. 2 6.45%
Azuren said:

A game is considered a waste of time and money with a score of 30-69 on Metacritic . Don't buy. Don't worry about it. It's really not worth checking out unless you're a die-hard fan of the IP. Even then, you shouldn't be paying full price for rubbish like this.

But Dynasty Warriors typically gets between 30 and 69 and those games are AWESOME!

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I buy games much more on the price rather than the review score, so not much really to be honest.

I’ve realised that I have loved games with a 7 and hated games with a 9, so probably 6-6.5.

Some critics are idiots. Same goes for movies. Some of the best movies only got an average score of 6.5 or so, just because many critics (or users) were to stupid to understand the genius of those films. Exaggerating of course. It’s mainly a matter of taste.

Tastes differ a lot, so to think “anything below 8.5 is crap” is naive and you’re most likely missing out, imho.

One man’s trash is another man’s treasure.

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Scores don't totally affect me. If it has a low score, i'll read and see what the problems were, and also read some reviews of normal people. I may still end up getting what others consider a crappy game, for the right price.

It all depends on the genre and what the game is about tbf. For instance I find first person shooters boring and bland so for to to be interested in a game in that category it would need a score of 100% otherwise I’m not interested.

However I’m into my history and old cultures like the Vikings, Romans, Britannia celts and so on. So when a game called “Vikings battle of asgard” on ps2 or 3 (I can’t remember which), Which was a third person sword style game with a Viking story that only scored about 65% average but I bought it and still enjoyed it.

Sonit basically depends on the games genre and subject in the first place with me.

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Depends entirely on the game, but let's say it's a new game series that I have no opinion on, then I'd probably say below 75 and I'm going to just forget about it.

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There's no specific score that would make me disregard a game based just on how well they reviewed. My second favourite game of all time has a 74 metascore, and many other games I absolutely love are similarly poorly reviewed. For example, Nier has a metascore of 67 on PS3, and it's one of my favourite games of the previous generation.

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At around a 65 but it really depends on the site, most sites see an average game as a 7/10 or a 75 and some see an average game as a 5/10 (the way things should be) so between 50 and 70, I have no need desire to play a below average game but I still do love me a good "solid 7" title like Darksiders, Just cause, Infamous SS etc, etc etc,


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Judging only by review score, anything under 9 is probably not worth it. I'd say 9,5 is where I lose interest.

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I actually never consider reviews when choosing which game to buy.
I prefer to watch gameplay videos and check the game´s website to see if it catches my interest.
There are some games that got generally average or poor reviews that I tried and had lots of fun, like Doctor Lautrec (3ds) and ZombiU (WiiU), while some high-acclaimed games like GTA and CoD are not interesting to me at all.