Forums - Gaming Discussion - At what point do you lose/gain interest in a game based on review scores?

At what point do you lose interest in a game based on review scores?

8.5 2 6.45%
8 1 3.23%
7.5 3 9.68%
7 4 12.90%
6.5 13 41.94%
5.5 5 16.13%
4 1 3.23%
4.5 0 0.00%
4 0 0.00%
3.5 or below. 2 6.45%

I look at review scores to see what 'the average' person would rate the games

But I only take into consideration reviewers that have a similar game taste/view as me because their scoring would be more reflective on my opinion as compared to other reviewers

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Anything under an avg. of 60/100 requires a deeper investigation, under a 70 requires a few reviews read and deliberation... the cut-off point would be 50/100 I suppose.

I don't even look at metacritic all that much. I will only use it as a opener tool I'm that it is the first thing I look for in a game. If it has like 60 or below I don't bother with the game. Otherwise I just see what everyone else's opinion on the game through social media. I trust regular people more than critics to be honest.

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If I'm already dead set on getting the game, then I don't care about it's Metacritic score :P Though, if it's a game I just discovered or interested in but not too sure I'll do some investigation.

Might skip stuff right off the bat when under 50

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I read pretty much anything I think I might be interested in that's hitting 60 on average or higher... in my experience there are the occasional games that I actually enjoy which have a mixed reception, though generally not $60's-worth of entertainment.

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It depends on the game. I don't put much weight on review scores unless it's a game I'm on the fence about anyway.

To put it another way - I wouldn't buy a WWE game even if it got a 100 metacritic score. That's because the game doesn't interest me. But, if a new Halo FPS came out, I would buy it even if it was the worst reviewed game ever.

I was loosely thinking about buying Assassin's Creed Origins. But, I've tried one of the games before and lost interest. So, I was probably not going to buy it. Then I saw solid review scores, which prompted me to read reviews, which then prompted me to buy the game. If it had a 71 metacritic score, there is almost no chance I would have bothered to look further into the game, and ultimately I would not have purchased it.

Id say around 60 ish....... Ive played decent games, that apperntly reviewers didnt like as much as I did.

I played and enjoyed XEdge for the PS3...

I never trusted review scores again...

I will totally use them in debates though! XD

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Pretty much never look at review scores to base a purchase on. Of course I hope the games I like get higher scores so that they show up on more people's radars.

Take my last purchase for example Digimon Story Cyber Sleuth (PS4) at 75 metacritic. I just looked that up and had no idea it was so low.

Compare to Undertale (92), Injustice 2 (87) or Fifa 18 (84). I just don't care about those games, and had no idea they got such high scores.

Never. I look a videos and make my own decision.