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Finn's story line throughout the movie felt forced, the character's created to be part of his story line just didn't have the right feel to them. Rey and Lukes story line was pretty good. Needed more Chewwy at the end of the movie though.

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I'm sure there's more than few Star Wars fans out there who hate this movie for the wrong reasons, but lets not pretend there aren't plenty of objectively valid reasons to dislike it.

I really respect star wars for what it did for the cinema industry in the 60's,but i never cared about the movies at all.To me they are fun little stories with a cool concept,but they are far from masterpieces(but i'm the guy who don't care about superhero movies when the hole world loves them more than ever,so what do i know).

So,i liked this one,because it was like every other decent star wars to was not even close to perfect,but you can have fun watching it.I guess i can understand people not liking it if they super crazy about the overall franchise(what a lot of folks are),since this one has a little of a change in pace compared with previous entries.

The force awakens was a pile of poo.

But please, let's stop generalising every single person's opinion as the fanbase opinion. Some people didn't like it. Whatever. I will decide when i watch it in a few days.

Of course the fans like the movie. If you don't like the movie, you're not a fan. Simple.

After 40 years, isn't it time for something new. It's been milked enough.

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mZuzek said:
This is true of fans of anything, really - I've experienced it first hand with GotG Vol. 2, a movie that expanded on so much and was so awesome and better than the original in so many ways, yet because it was different people disliked it.

Except that's completely false, GotG Vol2 is clearly inferior to the first one, is just how it is. And I don't think people disliked it at all, they just liked it less.

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Thechalkblock said:
Aeolus451 said:
It has too many plot holes and it shatters SW canon. It's the perfect little cashcow for disney and the fans who don't care if it makes any sense or follows canon. After these recent movies, I'm better off just ignoring the series altogether until disney sells the IP.

You'll ignore Star Wars until the end of time then

Disney selling the Star Wars IP is about as likely as Nintendo selling the Mario IP.

If they keep making films like this, it won't be that long.

It's nice to see some people are finally starting to appreciate the prequels more. They got alot of undeserved hate from the fanbase at the time. Sure they have problems, but they're all at least solid 7/10 movies imo.

Let's face it, fanbases tend to be filled with whiny babies that complain if something doesn't match their crazy high expectations or if something is too different. All the big series have suffered because of that, Star Wars with the prequels and now the sequels, Lord of the Rings with The Hobbit, Harry Potter with Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them. 

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If they want the movies to feel like star wars just go watch the OG trilogy ffs. Haven't seen it yet but if it strays away into it's own movie and doesn't copy the empire strikes back in the same way the force awakens copied A new hope beat for beat, scene for scene then I'm sure I'll at least like it. That said, I doubt anything will beat Rouge one as a star wars film in the near future.


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Films that are among the highest grossing films of all-time as soon as they release,,  and crack 1 billion USD without even trying.

Oh yeah, Disney is just bleeding money with the IP as we speak. Won't be long now. XD

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