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Never played it, but after playing the last guardian I'm definitely getting this.

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pitzy272 said:
This is gonna be amazing. My only lament is that there won’t be 3D. Playing SotC in 3D on ps3 remains one of the most incredible, mind blowing visual experiences I’ve had in gaming.

I'm hoping they'll port that version for PSVR next :)
Yet I'm wondering whether PSVR can detect the 3D output from SotC on ps3. It can display 3D blu-rays so might be worth a try.

Edit: Googled it, doesn't look like it's possible. PSVR only supports SBS (side by side) 3D while 3D games on ps3 output frame packed 3D, not compatible. There would need to be a converter in between. Anyway the 3D effect on psvr with 3D movies is a far cry from actual VR so it wouldn't really be satisfying anyway. Plus low framerate is very noticeable of the low persistence PSVR screen. But I'll buy a psvr version of SotC any day after this version.

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Looking at this version of the game now makes me marvel at the original vision.

Tempted to get the special edition considering its only $10 more if I remember right.

Might as well bite.


Really enjoyed the PS3 HD remaster - never got to play the original on PS2 though.


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FIT_Gamer said:
Robert_Downey_Jr. said:
Special edition steel book only $10 more? Sold also thought this would be a summer release

They announced the February release date at PGW.


Off Topic, but I find it surprising that no one is talking about Shawn Layden saying PSN ID changes coming before next PSX.

I’m concerned about the way he worded that.  I’m just saying that when it was first announced I wasn’t expecting it so early afterward 

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I still think Sony is sending this game to die because they aren't adding new collosi.

Nem said:
I still think Sony is sending this game to die because they aren't adding new collosi.

Nah, few remastered add content and I bet the number of people who are going to pass on this for that reason is pretty small. In fact, I'd bet a sizable portion of this games sales will come from people who've never played the game before.

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Nem said:
I still think Sony is sending this game to die because they aren't adding new collosi.

Didn’t seem to have affected the PS3 remaster. But there will be people who wouldn’t want to buy it for the 2nd or 3rd time.

Intrinsic said:
FloatingWaffles said:
So it's not gonna be 60fps on the regular PS4?

have you seen the game?

this is not a remaster. its a remake.

I know, just for some reason I thought it might run at 60fps since other big and graphically beautiful games can run at 60fps on the base PS4. Guess they couldn't pull it off, game still looks great though.